How to solve the Radagon Statue in Lendl

elden ring Full of puzzles and riddles that are difficult to solve. Most of the time, players accidentally discover the solutions to these puzzles, although there are hints in the game to point Tarnished in the right direction. The Radagon Statue is one such puzzle – one that can be overcome with a little thought and a correct prayer book in a matter of minutes.

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If you reach the Radagon Statue in elden ringYou’ll likely be familiar enough with Goldmask and Corhyn’s story to understand the implications of solving the mystery. If you haven’t progressed on their mission to Leyndell yet, and you haven’t spoken to Miriel in the Church of Vows, don’t solve the mystery of the Radagon Statue because the reveal won’t mean much without a certain context in the dialogue with these NPCs.

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Where is the Radagon Statue in Lendl?

The Radagon Statue is located deep in Leyndell, the royal capital, and was found after defeating Godfrey’s Golden Shadow. From the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Lost Grace, take the curved stairs to get to the elevator. Take the elevator down and fight a few enemies, and you will see a huge statue of Radagon against the towering wall, T-shaped above the royal capital.

Knowing where a statue is is one thing – and being able to find out its secret is another. Fortunately, the solution is found nearby. However, most players will have to go back to Rinnala and rest time in order to be able to use this solution: The Prayer Book of Golden Principles.

How to solve the radagon puzzle statue

To get the Golden Order Principles book, you need to get to the second level of Erdtree Sanctuary. Head outside, east from the Erdtree Sanctuary Grace, and hop onto a large vineyard that extends up to the second-floor balcony. Climb up cautiously here, then continue right to exit again. Immediately jump off the fence on your left and enter through a broken window to find a prayer book hanging from the ceiling – you can actually see it if you look up from the location of grace below.

Give the prayer book to Corhyn or Miriel, and learn the incantation law of regression. The evidence left outside the Radagon statue hints at this word – regression – and simply casting the spell in front of the statue reveals its secret. Unlike most spells, the law of regression is based on Int rather than Faith because it is a golden order spell. To cast, players must have a Holy Seal and at least 37 International Densities. Once this requirement is met, stand in front of the statue, cast the spell, and learn the secret hidden by the Elden Lord II sculptor.

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