How to unlock a wrestling hook in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is an open world game with a huge map that’s fun to roam around in. Just like its predecessor, parkour is a big part of the game, but the updated navigation options are great additions.

The game comes complete with six Nightrunner tools to traverse the environment. But one that stands out as a popular choice to improve traversal in games these days is the grappling hook.

How to get the grappling hook in Dying Light 2

Slide into new possibilities with hook and glider!

As an essential part of the game, the hook hook is unlocked as part of the main story mission. To unlock the grappling hook:

  • First, complete the first eleven main missions in the story
  • This can take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours, depending on the amount of time spent on side content
  • Main mission 12 begins, broadcast
  • The mission requires Aiden to enter a building with a power imbalance to reach the TV tower
  • Either sneak through tons of volatiles and muscles or engage them in combat
  • Wait for Matt to arrive
  • He will inform Aiden that he must climb the building, go up to the roof and activate the antenna
  • A target will appear telling the player to get the grappling hook
  • Use the hook to expand the building, complete the broadcast mission
  • The grappling hook is now open

How does the grappling hook work in Dying Light 2

The first Dying Light featured a grappling hook, but the new version is basically unrecognizable. The first game of the tool allowed Kyle Crane to drag himself to the chosen location. Dying Light 2 grapple hook works like Spider-Man’s web or Tarzan rope.

Simply equip the grappling hook, then guide the new mesh material into a workable structure. Press L2 on PlayStation or LT on Xbox to attach to the chosen target. Aiden will start swinging in an arc from the given point. Press R1 or RB to jump off the hook.

This simple change opens up a world of new options. Players can swing across the gaps and pick up speed while running from the zombies. Players can take to the air and choose the next point of speech in the air as Spider-Man.

The player can select an angle in favor of vertical or horizontal movement with a good aim. This new motion option pairs perfectly with a glider to ensure that pro gamers rarely touch the ground. With only a slight modification of one function, Dying Light 2 greatly increased player freedom.

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