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Pokemon Legends: Arceus The door opened to a complete transverse chain, and Pokemon Legends The game set in Kalos can show the war that once happened in the area. If the next game matches an upcoming new version, it’s likely a file Pokemon Legends Unova in the Wild West is coming next, but that’s no stonewall. There’s nothing stopping The Pokémon Company from going backwards, or even forwards, with future entries in Pokemon Legends series.

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The idea of ​​a war in the Pokémon world is something that has often surfaced in fan theories. This is especially evident in Gen 1 games, thanks to Lieutenant Surge mentioning that he’s been in a war alongside Pokémon in the past. Some fans take this even further and use the concept of Pokemon War as a reason why Red and Blue’s parents are not mentioned in the story. The pokemon red and blue Kanto War Theory doesn’t have much when it comes to first generation games, but it’s definitely part of the backstory Pokemon X and Y.Even if it happened in a bygone era.

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if it was Pokemon Legends The series continues, then has plenty of potential eras to explore, such as the distant past of the Johto region, during the time Ho-Oh resurrected the Legendary Beasts, or expanding westward through the Unova region, spurred by rumors of a Vectini. a Pokemon Legends The game set in the Kalos region has a chance to explore the dramatic story of one of the most mysterious characters in the series, as well as show the Pokémon war as it unfolds.

Kalos has one of the darkest dates in the Pokémon world

When a player visits the Kalos region in Pokemon X and Y.Mostly, it’s a comfortable place. Certainly, Kalos district has one of PokemonThe most sinister opponents teams, Team Flare painfully close to blasting the area with the ultimate weapon, and there are some real human ghost girls spending time in hotels, waiting to scare the player, but it’s mostly a nice place. like all Pokemon Games, things are not very dangerous to the player or the people around them.

However, Kalos hasn’t always been a quiet place, as he has one of the darkest histories of the Pokémon world. It has been confirmed that Kalos was the site of a great war that took place thousands of years before the events of the war Pokemon X and Y.. It may seem as if The Pokémon Company will never release a game featuring Pokémon Wars, but a similar concept has been used in Pokemon Conquest On the Nintendo DS, which showed the use of Pokemon for war, with the player winning battles and taking control of territories. It is entirely possible to show this conflict as bloodless and deathless, by treating the battles in the same way as the main games. Defeating an enemy soldier’s team either forces them to retreat or surrender, as Pokemon battles determine the fate of the war. This may result in a file Pokemon Legends The game that focuses on combat, while Pokemon Legends: Arceus Focus more on exploring and capturing Pokémon.

AZ & AZ brother could be the basis of the story

heroes in Pokemon Games don’t stand much chance of getting a character and Pokémon Legends Kalos won’t be an exception, as the focus of the story will be squarely on King AZ and his brother. the hero of the story Pokemon X and Y. Faced from the ground up in the modern era, unaware of its history. It is revealed that AZ was the king of Kalos during the war in the region, and that the death of his beloved Floette prompted him to build the ultimate weapon. This ultimate weapon had the power to revive the dead, as well as inflict unimaginable destruction. The biggest problem was that the ultimate weapon required the sacrifice of living beings, and the machine consumed countless Pokémon, all in the name of Floette’s revival.

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a Pokemon Legends: Arceus The sequel could show Kalos from AZ at its peak and chronicle his downfall, as he takes the final step in resurrecting his fallen friend. It was also mentioned in Pokemon X and Y. That AZ had a brother, who was responsible for concealing the ultimate weapon after using it. The struggle between brothers will be amazing Pokemon The story, seeing AZ in his prime and not the broken shell of a man he is in the modern age would be intriguing in itself.

What Legendary Pokemon can appear in Pokemon Legends: Kalos?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Set file format Pokemon Legends series, so future entries will likely be based on the iconic Legendary Pokémon that has appeared in each region. In the case of the Kalos region, this distinction is likely to go to Hoba. If the developers want to do another Isekai plot, where a character from the modern era arrives in the past, then PokemonHoopa and its powerful magical portals are perhaps the best way to facilitate this story. Hoopa aims to be a trickster who uses his powers to manipulate people, so he wouldn’t have a lofty position at the head of the story, like Arceus, but he could still play a major role.

a Pokemon Legends: Hoba It may be the easiest way to copy a formula Pokemon Legends: Arceus, more than just a game set in the Unova region. Hoopa can use its portals to bring people into the Great Kalos War, accidentally dragging young coaches into the conflict. This can be used as a way to show the backstory that was only hinted at during X and YIt is likely to be released soon Pokemon X and Y remake. Fans will probably have to wait a while, like Pokemon Diamond and Shining Pearl They are not even a year old, and there are still new versions of pokemon black and white And the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Before it is time to return to the Kalos region.

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