Laker Reveals Pictures From The New ‘Silent Hill’ Game?

new epic the silent Hill The game continues. In the history of video games, the long-known AestheticGamer leaker (previously published under the name Dusk Golem) Revealed a bunch of photos Presumably under development the silent Hill title, saying their source is new, but they have been given “more than enough evidence to believe [the source]”.

Complicating matters (and adding to the images’ “legitimacy”) is the fact that within hours, the images were removed from Twitter for copyright infringement, and the AestheticGamer account locked for now using DCMA.

AestheticGamer describes the images as follows: “There’s a lot I’m not sharing at the moment. This is from a source that’s relatively new to me, but I’ve been given more than enough evidence to believe them. I’ll also name ‘Anita & Maya’ and ‘SMS Messages’, which isn’t only name the silent Hill The game is under development.

“The footage is a bit old, from 2020, so maybe this project looks a little different now. But [this is] What you choose to share. I know many will doubt this, but I have plenty of private evidence to prove this is real, and as always I’m still waiting the silent Hill The game reveals.

The images (which you can find in the VGC story) consist of a chaotic room, a red corridor covered in notes with a character standing at the end, and a woman’s face partially unpeeled with messages like “I hate myself” and British slang “Minger” exposed under her skin.

Adding to the plot, it appears that one of the leaked images is dated October 20, 2020, and was signed by Masahiro ItoTechnical Director of the top three the silent Hill games.

Konami has not yet responded regarding the legality of the images. However, WayForward director Tomm Hulett (who previously worked at Konami, worked in Silent Hill HD Collection), responded to the leak. Expressing his disappointment with the leaked photosTom stated that “if a studio has multiple people sending material to a known person, they are not professional enough to do justice to the game.”

Now, we all know about the saga the silent Hill. Between reports of Konami entering production, a partnership with the Bloober Team, and seemingly endless rumors of a new game, it’s a wonder that fans are still sane after all. For now, until Konami confirms everything, we can add this new story to the pile.

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