League of Legends pre-season patch adds Pokemon-like friends

league of legendsThe pre-season patch will arrive in the Riot test world starting Tuesday, and will bring some big changes to the map and jungle. The controversial chemical tech drake returns to the Dragon’s spin, and will be joined into the jungle on their way by an elemental friend with additional stats.

Riot traditionally uses pre-season as a time for drastic changes and big trials, as it comes after the annual Worlds esports tournament. Some of these changes have been undone or repeated back in. Others, like the beneficial fruit around the map, have become a mainstay in Summoner’s Rift.

The Chemtech Drake Technology was one of those experiences, and in its original form, it would give heroes a second chance at life after they died in combat. The new Drake gives heroes more damage when they’re in lower health, which can help them get around their close association with the enemy. The dragon’s death will also change the map to look more like a zoon, with chemically improved fruits growing around the rift.

Chemtech Drake will now grant a small amount of Perseverance and Heal/Shield power when killed

Chemtech Soul will deal extra damage when it’s less than a certain amount of health

Alongside Chemtech Drake, the Rift will take on a new Chemtech-inspired look featuring Zaunite chemicals and mutating jungle plants with upgraded effects.

The blast cones will now explode those in range twice as much as before

Honey Fruits will be upgraded to Stim Fruits, this won’t slow down heroes who consume them and grants an additional bonus shield on top of the usual treat

Scryer’s Bloom will be upgraded to Stalker’s Bloom. Hitting these plants will now reveal a small circular area around the plant and a cone opposite the direction it was hit, granting movement speed towards exposed enemy heroes and reducing the revealed wards to 1 health.

Photo: Riot Games

league of legends It also takes a page from the Pokémon books with new pets in the jungle. Jungle players can buy an egg containing a Noxian Embercat, Ixtali Ixamander, or Ionian Cloudl… When the player kills monsters in the jungle, the pet grows into a stronger version of itself that gives it a powerful power.

Noxian Embercat*: This will be the favorite pet for jungle gamers looking to play harder. It will provide additional slowdown and damage.

Ixtali Ixamander*: The jungle pet is perfect for jungle lovers who are looking forward to the frontline and tanks for their teams. It will provide a shield based on your health that provides slow and persistent resistance when collapsing.

Cloud Ion*: The jungle pet would be great for jungle lovers looking to spin and move around the map more quickly. It will provide additional movement speed.

Jungling should be a little easier in pre-season; It’s the least accessible role in the game, as it requires players to get off the beaten path. The pre-season patch will add range indicators and recommended paths based on data from high-ranking jungle players, removing much of the guesswork from the role.

The pre- will also test changes in communication with your team, such as an updated test wheel with more options, and the ability to call in to vote on whether or not you want to risk a goal. There will also be an upgraded hero loading user interface, buffs to increase the upper lane role size faster, and twelve new or reworked Legendary items.

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