Learn Tai Chi online and beat stress

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that evolved into a graceful set of movements that is now used to combat stress and give many other health benefits. Tai chi is often described as a “movement meditation,” but Harvard Medical School calls it a “mobility drug,” for its ability to reduce stress, improve aerobic capacity, improve sleep, strengthen the immune system, and lower blood pressure. pressure, improve joint pain, increase energy and stamina, etc. Sifu Mohamed is a yang style tai chi teacher with over 23 years of teaching experience and during the Covid lockdown a number of his students asked him to start taking classes online. What started with students in Chennai quickly spread to other cities, and Sifu Muhammad now has students from Singapore, Austria, Dubai, Canada, UK, Germany and all over India, says award winning author Aviot John of Austria, “I am 74 years old and very active with walking Daily long and simple yoga breathing exercises. When I started my Tai Chi lessons with Sifu Mohamed online, I was a bit skeptical about the additional benefits this would bring. I was wrong. I noticed a significant improvement in my general sense of well-being in the first two weeks. At 3 weeks, I noticed that my chronic swallowing problem that had been around for several years was getting a little better. Tai Chi has also significantly improved my sense of stability, both physically and emotionally. “It doesn’t usually affect others,” says Varkey Farrujez, director of Midas Rubber, India’s largest maker of regenerated rubber. I run a refurbished manufacturing company that employs about 1,500 people and I deal with people with different temperaments in different situations. Keeping calm becomes very important, and one of the best ways for an employer to lose an employee’s ability or sense of ownership is to lose their temper and be insulted. I was very aware of this fact, but unfortunately I was never able to hold back my anger, the more the anger happens all of a sudden, in a split second that I get soaked in it before I even realize that the anger has arisen. “For over a year I have been very diligent with my practice and find that it focuses on me the rest of the day. My breathing also becomes deeper and I feel relaxed and calm. I used to do mindfulness meditation earlier, but found that the glow of mindfulness fades quickly when faced with certain triggers of anger. I think Truly tai chi has helped me become a better, calmer and more effective boss.” Sifu Mohamed offers online personal tai chi lessons for 3,000 rupees per month – two classes per week for 20 minutes each. Live group classes are available at Sat & Sun. He can be contacted by phone @ 9840030179 / whats-app 9789004777 / email chennaitaichi@gmail.com Website: http://chennaitaichi.blogspot.com (Disclaimer: The above content is a press release and PTI assumes no editorial responsibility for it .).

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