List of businesses and properties owned by Khaligraph Jones

  • Brian Oko Omolo, popularly referred to by his stage name Calligrave Jones, is a Kenyan artist who enjoys diversified investments.
  • Fashion maker Sifu Bwana launched a fashion company under the OG Drip Merch brand in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The artist revealed that he was selling cars as a side hustle and owning a parking garage he called Omollo Customz, which specializes in horseback riding.

Brian Ouko Omollo, popularly referred to by his stage name Khaligraph Jones or Papa Jones (OG), is a Kenyan rapper best known for his punch lines.

Kenyan rapper Khaleej Graf Jones. Photo: Brian O’Molo.
Source: Facebook

The artist who took over the Kenyan music industry debuted in 2004 at the age of 14.

Since then, he has never looked back and has many songs to his name. The first and second mixes, called Khaligraph Jones Chronicles Part One, and Part Two, propelled him to fame.

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The singer’s music is highly influenced by daily events and social issues in the society.

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Papa John’s is one of the Kenyan artists who enjoy diversified investments besides musical careers.

He said, “I’ve been in the industry for a long time and you can’t just rely on doing live shows to earn income. I’ve been selling cars for a while before getting into real estate and real estate. I also have gyms.” Jalang’o TV.

The musician revealed that he was inspired by Jalang’o, Wyre, Nameless and other successful Kenyans.

“I am looking for anyone who is successful. I am looking for anyone with information that can help me. I am looking at you (Jalang’o) and I have been seeking advice behind the scenes. Wire is someone who admires his lifestyle. I respect Nimmles and his family, but I can say I am over Most artists.

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He owns a recording studio – Blue Inc.

Calligrave-Jones Fashion Works

In 2020, the musician launched a fashion business under the OG Drip Merch brand.

The merchandise features cotton sweaters, hoodies, and college jackets and retails for a minimum of KZL 2500 per piece. Wear and tear come in different colors.

Papa John’s was seen rocking the brand on his social media pages.

OG . arcades

Jones opened several gyms in Kaioli, Nairobi.

He launched companies in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit musicians hard due to the suspension of social gatherings.

He pointed out that young people were gathering in the halls to play when schools were closed.

Car sales business

The artist revealed that he was selling cars as a side business.

Although he did not reveal more details about the business, he did reveal that it was one of his investments that earned him millions.

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Papa John’s Palace

The musician, who used to live in a rented apartment, is building his own mansion.

A week ago, he showed his fans a glimpse of the three-story house he built.

He shared a few videos of them dancing inside the house and noted that he was grateful he was able to build a house.

He said he is in no hurry to complete the house, which was part of his 2023 vision.

“Vision of 2023, pole pole hina hakka (hurry, wheel has no blessing,” he said.

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OG . Car Group

Hit maker Sifu Bwana isn’t shy about showing his fans his car collection.

He owns a garage called Omollo Customz, which specializes in pimping alongside long-time partner Lamaz Span KO.

The artist’s collection of cars costing Ksh5 million includes Subaru, the Chrysler that retails for about Ksh3.5 million, the Toyota Crown and the Mercedes E-Class.

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King Kaka’s Empire

Kennedy Umbima (King Kaka) is another Kenyan musician who built his own empire.

Talking to poet confirmed that he owns several works, but he did not disclose the details of his net worth.

“Yes, I own several companies that have been able to employ a number of people,” he said, “but my grandmother always told me not to discuss your money with strangers. That’s it.”

He runs Kaka’s empire, Kaka clothes, and a YouTube channel.

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