Metroidvania’s brutal action for The Last Faith is just what you need to fill an Elden Ring-shaped hole

The Last Faith shows more of its spirit-like atrocities in a new trailer for the Future Games Show powered by Mana, revealing a challenging title filled with dangerous monsters and ruthless combat. If you’ve completed the Elden Ring and are looking for another dark world to explore, The Last Faith story about the civil war between two ancient religions can fill that dark void.

This beautiful hand-drawn adventure sees its protagonist, Eric, step into a glorious landscape one day drenched in the spell of an ancient religion. Hate and despair rule this crumbling site now, leaving only a long-forgotten prophecy that could lead to the truth behind it all, and save this weary place.

While the world is brought to life with its gothic art and themes, you won’t be able to see more of it unless you master the disciplinary combat and reaction needed to survive as you explore. With four classes to choose from, there is a selection of melee weapons to learn, which can be enhanced and modified with a range of gamers. Magic can also be used to support you during combat, creating an experimental mix of opportunities while balancing all the skills you have to hand to create your own playstyle. There are more abilities to learn as you progress and build your arsenal of moves.

(Image credit: Playstack)

On top of the grueling fight for survival, there’s an explorer’s heart beating under all those fighting muscles. There are mysteries that must be pursued in order to discover what happened to this world, and mysteries that must be solved if you want to move forward and learn more. During the fight, you will visit cities, mountain landscapes, deep dark forests, cathedrals, crypts, cemeteries, and much more. They are all brought in the same hand-drawn pixel art style.

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