‘Never wavered’ – Friends and students who killed a doctor in the Laguna Woods shooting remember their beloved martial arts teacher

Brandon Jones of Tyler, Texas remembers drawing Batman caricatures with his friend John Cheng when they were in elementary school together.

“In fourth grade, the heroes are everything,” Jones said, adding that he and Sheng have become fast friends, whose families live in the same neighborhood.

“We were best friends until the day he died,” Jones added, fighting back tears.

Cheng was an accomplished physician who practiced in Orange County. But he also loved martial arts and practiced kung fu.

Derek Wright, a veteran social worker and martial arts instructor in St. Louis, said Cheng has been his teacher for more than a decade in Riverside, where Cheng has been doing his medical residency. Cheng, according to Wright, was at the level of a great master of traditional martial arts.

“[He] “He was always willing to teach and help others and see others succeed,” Wright said, adding that it was Cheng who gave him a loan so he could make a down payment on a house.

Wright said he had fond memories of when he and his friend went to Disneyland on a whim to celebrate their 30th birthday, and attend Ching’s wedding.

Dr. Jun Cheng was fatally shot during an attack on a luncheon at a church in Laguna Woods.

About Ching’s championship at Laguna Woods Church, Wright said, “I’m proud of him because that’s exactly what someone like him would have done.”

For many people in the Ching “Kung Fu Family”, it was not surprising to hear the sheriff’s officials say that Ching Armed gunman accused After he opened fire at the Laguna Woods Concert Hall on Sunday, he gave his life for the sake of many others. Cheng was shot dead and five others, aged between 66 and 92, were wounded. Cheng was survived by his wife and two children.

“Without Dr. Cheng’s actions, there is no doubt that there will be many additional victims in this crime,” Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said at a news conference Monday.

“I can see John [thinking],I must stop this man,Jones said. “John has never wavered. Anyone who knows him will say he has never wavered.”

In an email, Johnna Gherardini, a medical associate who worked with Cheng at South Coast Medical Group, described him as a “protector and naturopath.”

Gherardini wrote that “his heroism saved many people, not only in that church, but throughout his career.”

Doctor Cheng, or Sifu Cheng as Los Angeles-based filmmaker Christian Everhard remembers him, was, according to several accounts, a caring martial arts teacher who influenced hundreds of lives.

Everhard said he first met Cheng about 20 years ago when he began his martial arts journey. It was his “kung fu brothers and sisters” who first reported the shooting to Everhard.

“In kung fu there is a lineage from master to student,” said Everhard, remembering his old friend. “And he has so many students that his soul will live on with any student he touches.”

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