Old Boy’s first scene is more disturbing than the plot development

2003’s Oldboy is notorious for its shocking chapter 3 plot twist, but there’s one scene in this neo-noir South Korean classic that’s even worse.

The plot twist climax in 2003 big boy It’s still one of the most disturbing movie plots ever, but behind-the-scenes footage proves that one scene is actually worse. big boy It is the second film by South Korean director Park Chan-wook revenge trilogy It is also loosely adapted from the Japanese manga big boy Written by Garon Tsuchia. big boy It’s considered a neo-modern classic and is perhaps best known for its once grueling entrance fight scene and a really disturbing plot twist in the film’s third act.

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big boy Starring Choi Min-sik as Oh Dae-su, a man who was ambushed and imprisoned in an abnormal room for 15 years before being released without any explanation. His subsequent quest for answers – and revenge – takes him to a sushi restaurant and sushi chef Mi Do (Kang Hye-jung), tastings of countless dumplings, and one grueling, gritty, sweet hallway brawl that affected everything from the video game Sevo To fight scenes in The CW Superman and Louis. Oh Dae-su’s journey eventually leads him to an old classmate named Lee Woo-jin (Yoo Ji-tae), and it is eventually revealed that Woo-jin orchestrated an incestuous relationship between Dae-su and Mi-do, who turns out to be the daughter of Dae Soo Biological, in the name of revenge.

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The shocking revelation that Oh Dae Soo is Mi Do’s father is disgusted big boy It’s two decades old now, but the scene at a sushi restaurant where Oh Dae-su eats a live octopus is even more disturbing because behind-the-scenes footage reveals Choi Min-sik actually ate an octopus (several, in fact). The incest misrepresentation is objectively horrifying – there’s no getting around that – but it’s also just as fictional as Jon Snow’s incest story in Game of thrones. The only consolation for an octopus that is ever eaten in this particular scene is that it serves several purposes in the big boyThe broader context is like a warning of the lead role in Lee Woo Jin’s puppet.

BTS reason why the octopus scene in Oldboy was the worst

Behind-the-scenes footage appears big boy No CGI or special effects were used for the octopus-eating scene. Choi Min-sik, a Buddhist and vegetarian according to director Park Chan-wook, ended up eating four live octopuses in order to get in shape. Before each attempt, Choi offered a short prayer before devouring the octopus, and the cast and crew treated him seriously and fervently in something like behind-the-scenes footage from squid game. The scene is really gruesome, but it’s much worse when he realizes the octopus is real.

Luckily, big boyThe sight of eating an octopus is not gratuitous. Octopus is considered an aphrodisiac in Korean culture, and it portends it big boyOedipal themes by alluding to the relationship of Oh Dae-su and Mi-do. The relationship between the octopus and Dae-su is parallel to the relationship between Dae-su and Lee Woo-jin. Both the octopus and Oh Dae-su are at the mercy of someone above them, not fully grasping the matter until it is too late.

big boy It’s usually contextualized by intense graphic violence and theme, but it’s a movie with a lot of depth as well. Entire revenge trilogy It has depth and violence. One of the most amazing avatar items of 2005 Sympathy for the vengeful lady It is the gradual desaturation of the film until it ends up in black and white. while, big boyThe 2013 Spike Lee print had a lot of differences compared to the South Korean original, but the new version’s biggest mistake might be the failure to even realize this. big boyThe most disturbing scenes have more to offer than shock value.

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