Sifu Update 1.13 released on September 14

Sloclap released Sifu update 1.13 (PS5 version 1.013) today for all available platforms. This is an unannounced major update, so don’t expect much outside of fixes. Read on for the September 14 Sifu patch notes. Sifu Update 1.13 Patch Notes | Sifu update 1.013 patch notes | Sep 14 Sevo patch notes: Here are the … Read more

Re: Myth – 7 tips for beginners

After several years in Early Access, Re: legend It has evolved into its full version. If you’re new to the game, getting used to its unique mix of Pokemon-like monsters, Harvest Moon-inspired farming, and social interaction is challenging. You are expected to manage crops, farm fish and keep your growing choice of pets (which the … Read more

Elden Ring Player applies several buffs before fighting a Beast Clergyman Boss, and dies almost instantly

One elden ring The player shared a video showing a co-op player applying multiple buffs before fighting and dying a Beast Clergyman boss in seconds. elden ring It contains some of the most powerful bosses in video games, so many players discourage their characters before facing them. elden ring It has many magic and spells … Read more