Pokemon fan crafts prop sword based on Pikachu’s tail

An iconic Pokemon fan creates a foam sword, based on the tail of one of the series’ most famous pocket monsters, Pikachu.

Pokemon It is one of the most famous franchises and has a huge fan base for movies, video games and TV shows. 2022 was an excellent year for Pokemon fans Pokemon Legends: Arceusthe last title of the eighth generation of Pokemon games, released in February and became one of the 3 best selling games of 2022. And the first titles of the ninth generation, pokemon scarlet and violetIt is scheduled to be released in November. As the games launch approaches, fans are sharing their artistic skills through fan art.

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The Pokemon The community is known to be very creative. Fans love to create artwork featuring their favorite pocket monsters, trainers, and even places in Pokemon Universe. Most recent artwork highlighted the newly introduced Pokémon scarlet and violetsuch as modern artwork depicting Koraidon, the legendary Pokemon of scarlet pokemon. But artworks depicting pocket monsters from previous generations are not rare. A fan has now made a sword based on Pikachu’s tail.

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Reddit user Pennykun shared an image showing their foam sword inspired by Pikachu’s tail. The original poster claimed that they made this sword for a Pikachu costume. In its design, the original poster was able to efficiently capture colors and designs. Pennykun used a black fist for their sword, and the cross guard of the sword seemed to be inspired by Pikachu’s ears.

The original poster was created by Pokemon The community on Reddit. The original post has now garnered over 9000 upvotes and hundreds of comments in just over a day. The comment section is full of compliments from Pokemon community, some fans also left some funny comments. Reddit user MeanGreanHare joked that the original poster should serve to protect their Pikachu-inspired sword, as they believe this crossover could damage the wrist of the original poster.

Fans asked the creator if the sword comes with a shield and a shield, the creator replied that it comes with a shield, and they also plan to make a shield and a bow as well. One fan even called the original poster “PIKASWORD.” Several artworks depicting Pikachu are posted online from time to time, such as Pikachu artwork made of trading cards, but PennyKun’s creativity stood out.

Pikachu is one of the most lovable characters in Pokemon franchise all over the world. With this in mind, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Pikachu’s most impressive fan art is shared online.

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