Pokemon Fan creates impressive pixel art featuring Rayquaza from Pokemon Emerald

An iconic Pokemon fan creates impressive pixel art featuring Rayquaza and Mudkip at the entrance to the Sky Pillar in Pokemon Emerald.

for Pokemon Lovers, 2022 was a great year. I started to release Pokemon Legends: Arceuswhich became one of the three best-selling games of 2022, and in February, the first trailer for pokemon scarlet and violet It was announced. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the debut of the highly anticipated ninth generation of the major video game series. members Pokemon The community is flooding the internet with great works of fan art as the latest version of Pokemon gaming approaches.

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Fans enjoy producing artwork featuring their favorite areas, gym trainers, and pocket monsters. Some fans also enjoy recreating situations from their favorite games or TV shows from the franchise in their artwork to express their affection. New areas of pocket monsters have been revealed pokemon scarlet and violet They are the subjects of the majority of modern fan art. However, some fans also share their favorite artworks Pokemon from previous generations. A fan posted on Reddit a photo that recreates a special moment of Pokemon Emerald.

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Reddit user arkhai2 created pixel art featuring Mudkip and Rayquaza in Sky Pillar. Mudkip is a small, four-legged water-type Pokémon that, along with Treecko and Torchic, is one of three Hoenn beginner Pokémon available in the beginning of the year. Pokemon Ruby, SapphireAnd the emerald. On the other hand, Rayquaza, also known as “Sky High Pokemon”, is a large green Dragon/Flying Legendary Pokemon that was introduced in Generation 3 and was the mascot of Pokemon Emerald Featured in the game box art.

In the technical piece, Medkip, along with the coach, is ready to take on Rayquaza at the entrance to the Sky Pillar. Arkhai2 manages to capture minute details of each of the pocket monsters present in the pixel art. The original Reddit post got a lot of love from Pokemon community and got 12,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments in just one day. Most of the fans in the comment sections appreciated the creator’s artistic skills, while others recalled their childhood days. Many pointed to the inclusion of Ash instead of Brendan, the male player in the third generation Pokemon Toys.

Pokemon Fans are in luck because such fan artwork often reminds them of pocket monsters from previous releases. Recently, a talented fan designed their version of the Bulbasaur and its cutting edge versions, bringing back fond memories of the adorable first-generation creature. These fan artworks are always comforting because they show how loyal fans won’t let the world forget their favorite Pokemon.

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