Pokemon fan makes Groudon Pixel Art incredible yet terrifying

Groudon, the legendary dinosaur-like Pokemon, appears in a fan-made piece of pixel art that’s equal parts stunning and terrifying.

When anything in popular culture gains a large number of followers, fan art spread on the web becomes to be expected. The greater or longer the impact, the more fan-made content can be found. This is especially true in the case of Pokemon, with a fan base for the franchise long established as one of the world’s most prolific fan art makers. One Pokemon Fans have a great deal of interest in Groudon’s pixel art, which many find equal parts unbelievable and intimidating.

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Presented as a mascot Pokemon Ruby As for Generation 3, Groudon is an Earth-type Legendary who has the ability to expand continents. Standing over 11 feet tall, the gigantic Pokemon gains another five feet when it grabs the red orb, transforming it into an Earth/Fire double primal type Groudon.

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Share on Pokemon subreddit, used by u/arkhai2 knob featuring impressive pixel art, showing Groudon in a more frightening light than usual. In the photo, viewers will see a vast cave system, with a group of lava in the foreground. Getting out of that lava is a terrifying show for Groudon, looking like an enemy from Immortal death. The Legendary is with outstretched arms, spikes, and extensions along its head, along with pupil-less eyes and mau dripping from lava. The trainer and Mudkip stand in front, with the action “Run” appropriately defined.

The pixel art perfectly depicts the terrifying confrontation, and one clearly succeeds with the other Pokemon fans. At the time of writing, the fan-made artwork has been posted less than a day and has already garnered nearly 24,000 upvotes. However, she is not the only last Pokemon Pixel art from u/arkhai2 has garnered similar attention. Appropriately, the artist also created equally impressive pixelated artwork for Kyogre, Groudon chips and Legendary of pokemon sapphire. The pixel art of Kyogre creates a similarly frightening scenario, where a giant Pokemon trainer happens underwater while riding a Wailmer.

Groudon’s digital artwork is certainly impressive, with the retro art style becoming more and more popular in recent years. else Pokemon Fans have created another pixelated version of the Pokemon species, with the exception of the 3D physical form. Propeller created a miniature Groudon model entirely out of Nanoblocks, LEGO’s thicker competitor. The final creation seems closer to one Pokemon The franchise’s older 2D engravings, resulting in a somewhat unique art style. Despite being out of the spotlight for a long time, Groudon is still one of the PokemonThe most famous legends of all time.

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