Pokemon fans celebrate completing Master Dex in style

Two Pokémon masters become friends together by being able to capture all 905 creatures from all the games, thus completing the Living Master Dex.

The two best friends follow the original Pokemon He commanded the theme song and picked it all up, successfully creating the Living Master Dex. The long-running Nintendo franchise introduced fans to the first generation of disposable creatures pokemon red and blue on Game Boy. Since then, the series has become the highest-grossing media franchise in the world, and with each new generation, Pokemon It continues to grow.

earlier this year, Pokemon Legends: Arceus It was released on the Nintendo Switch as part of the eighth generation of the series, bringing the total number of pocket monsters to 905. Developer Game Freak has allowed fans to port previously hunted Pokémon in each new game over the years until Pokemon Sword and Shield This trend has been controversially discontinued. Although players are now unable to use every creature they’ve acquired in the latest games, fans are finding ways to catch them all, and the two best friends recently did so.

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Each Pokémon has been captured by two friends working together to capture all 905 creatures since 2018. SpacebornKiller posted about the achievement on Reddit, with a photo of the two Pokémon Masters dressed for the occasion. The pair managed to capture most of the Pokémon series in the original games they were released on, not the virtual console versions. Every Pokémon and every evolved form must have been captured to complete the Living Master Dex. This includes Pokémon that is no longer available to obtain through traditional means.

Pokémon Catch ‘Em All For The Living Dex . fans

Players can trade the most Pokémon in the Pokémon HOME app, which helps them keep track of all the creatures they’ve hunted over the years. Fans can try to catch them all by fighting and exploring each location of the series’ main games. However, over the years, some have been locked in by timed private events that are no longer accessible. This means that the two friends had to use Gameshark to bypass this issue and capture a Pokémon that was no longer achievable. They also had to trade with other Pokemon trainer friends. However, at the end of their quest, the power of teamwork and friendship finally achieved A great achievement to catch them all.

Last Pokemon Games that do not include the full National Dex from previous generations is understandable. Having to design, animate, and program all 905 Pokémon would be extremely time consuming with the improved graphics and processes found in the latest games in the series. The Pokemon The franchise is about to grow even larger, with pokemon scarlet and violet On the Nintendo Switch coming in November. Although the two deserve a break, chances are SpacebornKiller and his friend Pokemon Collection will continue to evolve.

Source: SpacebornKiller / Reddit

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