Pokemon fans discover ‘Turo’ at Pokemon Colosseum

A fan discovers a Pokemon Colosseum trainer who shares the same name as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Professor Turo.

Nintendo and Game Freak released two teaser trailers for pokemon scarlet and violet So far and Pokemon Fans are already creating unique fan art and anticipating the return of uncertain Pokemon from previous games. One Pokemon Discover a Pokemon fan coach in Pokemon Colosseum who shares the unique name of one of the recently revealed professors from pokemon scarlet and violet.

Reddit user Quirkymd posted a file Pokemon Colosseum A picture a few days ago highlighting the Raider boss from the game’s sub-title. When Pokemon Colosseum Released back in 2003, it was one of the few viable ways to get the Mythical Pokemon Jirachi via its bonus disc and since then the game has become a huge hit in Pokemon social communication. Such as rock team pokemon tcg series, Pokemon Colosseum Introduce Dark Pokemon to the game franchise, and it may have upset anyone pokemon scarlet and violet professors as well.

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Quirkymd’s first screenshot focuses on a trainer called Rider Turo as the Pokémon battle begins at Mt. Battle, a Pokemon Colosseum The location where players can challenge enemy trainers in a 100 Battle Challenge. Being a contestant in Mt Battle, Rider Turo is a tough coach in Pokemon Colosseum The world, but included in the classic Pokemon Spinoff made some comparisons with Professor Toro by Kirkimede who noted the similarities between the two names. The second photo Quirkymd shared is a still photo from June 1 pokemon scarlet and violet Trailer showing Professor Turo introducing himself, and although the Professor looks significantly different from Rider Turo, he may be of the same character.

Rider Turo appears in Quirkymd’s first profile picture Pokemon The trainer with spiky blonde hair and long sideburns wears some cowboy outfits, while Professor Toru has darker hair that looks gray and fits in a lab coat. The two images next to each other show how far Nintendo consoles have come since the GameCube era in which Rider Turo’s facial details are not detailed, while Professor Turo has distinct facial features and shade-like facial hair more than the thick blonde hair on the Rider Turo’s face. It is not currently clear whether Professor Toru is from pokemon scarlet and violet It is the same referred to in Pokemon Colosseumbut Quirkymd suggests it’s evidence of time travel.

Pokemon Fans took to both pokemon scarlet and violet Professors Since it was confirmed by the second trailer, some have praised Professor Toru as being remarkably attractive compared to Professors from the most recent installments. One Pokemon One fan noticed that because time travel was created by Pokemon Legends ArceusThe foundation may have been laid for Professor Toru to navigate through time and space to reach him pokemon scarlet and violet As the main character instead of the side character he’s in Pokemon Colosseum. on condition Pokemon Fans don’t know much about the history of pokemon scarlet and violetUniversity professors, fan theories about time travel may be accurate.

pokemon scarlet and violet Nintendo Switch release on November 18.

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