Pokemon games based on Creepypastas

over the years, Pokemon Creepypastas have become an incredibly popular sub-genre of scary stories on the Internet. These urban legends have sparked many spooky tales that have inspired gamers around the world to shyly pick up their old versions of games and see if their ancient pixel partners are the same happy creatures they once knew.

While many of these stories are entirely fictional, some have become so infamous that they have inspired developers to recreate and reimagining some Pokemoncreepypastas in the form of playable games. Fans of stories that talk in detail about bloodthirsty revenge Pokemon He can now live through a handful of unsettling tales that anyone who has seen it has never forgotten Pokemon As a friendly and fun chain.

6 Pokémon forever cursed

Pokémon forever cursed Beautiful creepypasta follows. The protagonist finds a slightly troubled version of yellow pokemon In the pawn shop, and upon playing, he discovers that there are quite a few terrifying differences between the normal game and their chosen one. In the midst of disturbing discoveries, the protagonist during a fight with Uchakip with wide eyes and a creeping smile (Pikachu spells backwards) realizes that the creatures not only sink to the ground and faint after their defeat. Instead, they die.

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Squiderman created a playable version of Pokémon forever cursed It was released on May 25, 2021. Since it is a relatively new adaptation of Pokemon creepypasta, didn’t get much traction. However, it should be played by any fan of the original story, especially those who have played other games based on it Pokemon creepypastas.

5 Escape from Lavender Town

Which one is a big fan of Pokemon creepypastas know the legend of Lavender Town. As if it wasn’t scary enough that the small town contains one of the bleakest locations in any of the games, the cemetery known as the Pokémon Tower, the town’s signature tune is rumored to have been released with the original versions of pokemon red and blue It contains a specific frequency that can lead children to commit unspeakable acts against themselves.

At the end of the day, this legend is just a hoax that adds to the unsettling atmosphere in Lavender Town. However, the story of Lavender Town Syndrome has inspired countless stories, art, and other media based on creepypasta. One of the most popular games is a game developed by adriendittrick titled Escape from Lavender Town. It’s a free-to-play short game packed with fourth wall-breaking fear, creepy dialogue, and of course the spine-chilling frequencies of the original Lavender Town theme.

4 Easter Egg: Snow on Silver Mountain

the pirate Pokemon Games that use GameShark or ActionReplay can achieve some amazing results. Sometimes, players will hack hard-to-find legendary creatures, unlimited rare sweets, and shiny Pokemon. in case if Easter egg: Snow on Silver Mountain, Perhaps some secrets hidden in the game’s code would have been better left untouched.

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Easter Egg: Snow on Silver Mountain It has been reimagined in countless other media, including a short film based on the original story, incredibly bloody artwork, and even a fan-made game based on the creepypasta events. The original version of the game was developed by Professor CreepyPasta, Mibevan and DarksoulzFZ in 2015. The playable version of the game was then reproduced by Annie-Mienai. Easter Egg: Snow on Silver Mountain in the year 2020.

3 pokemon crappy black

pokemon crappy black It tells the story of an almost completely normal stage show of Pokemon red and blue. What is important is that the protagonist has an additional non-removable piece Pokemon In their party called “Ghost”. Ghost has the same sprite as the Pokemon in Pokemon Tower before being revealed with Silph Scope and can use a move called “curse”, which can defeat any Pokemon in one fell swoop. What’s dark about this extra creature is that when you use this move, it kills the opponent’s Pokemon. After the protagonist kills all the opponent’s creatures, they can kill the enemy’s boss themselves, leaving a tombstone in the place where they once stood.

Developed by Ax461, pokemon crappy blackIt is a much longer game than most games based on Pokemon creeypastas. The player can play the entire first generation game with Ghost, killing their opponents and opponents Pokemon Until they beat the Elite Four. Then? Well, the player is in a state of surprise, as they face the consequences of genocidal acts.

2 Pokemon lost silver

Pokemon lost silver It is without a doubt one of the most popular creepypastas Pokemon games. From its haunting story to its creepy graphics, this story has remained a classic in the subgenre. Over the years, many channels have been operated online pokemon lost silver, And I discovered its multiple endings (which didn’t have the original story).

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Developed by Creepy, Pokemon lost silverFollows an unknown character as he navigates the dark Pillspruit Tower that haunts you. Instead of a play area as you normally do pokemon silver and gold,The hero is left to wander aimlessly in the dark corridors of the tower. Pokémon in the protagonist’s party will spell out various chilling messages as he progresses, such as ‘hurry leave’ and ‘death’, and lose hope of their escape as it becomes pointless.

1 Hypno lullaby

“Hypno’s Lullaby”, originally, was a haunting song based on Hypno’s various PokeDex entries. Many of them mention that Hypno uses her pendulum to hypnotize and manipulate people, often children. Pokemon X Even Hypno’s entry states, “There was an incident once upon a time [Hypno] Take a hypnotized kid.”

This entry likely refers to a side mission in pokemon leaf green and fire red, Where the player must find the missing girl in the forest who was apparently lured away by Hypno. The game is based on Hypno lullaby It follows exactly this event but puts a darker and sinister twist on what happens to an unfortunate protagonist who enters the forest and tries to rescue the missing little girl from Hypno.

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