Pokemon Gen 5 and 6 Remakes may be the reason why certain Pokemon are lost when switching

Despite the controversy over Tech 8 Pokemon Pokedexes died out when The Pokemon Company announced an expansion card for Pokemon Sword And the shieldMany iconic pocket monsters are still missing on the Switch. Among the most lovable lost monsters are the 5th and 6th generation beginners, along with some forgotten Pokemon like Skiddo and Gogoat from X And the swhich is something pokemon scarlet and violet Hope to fix. However, with 60 Pokémon lost from all Switch-based entries, they likely won’t all be back in Gen 9 – especially not in the base game, considering that Pokedex might be the same size as Gen 8.

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On the other hand, there may be reasons why these creatures have not returned yet, as the Pokémon Company may be working on a new development. Pokemon: Legends Fifth generation games or remakes. Pokemon Black And the white She’s next in line for a new release in the franchise, but with Gen 9 on the horizon, it’s hard to predict whether or not it’ll come in the near future. If they come, it’s possible that Gen 6 versions are in the pipeline as well, with a release date possibly sometime after Gen 10. This 5th and 6th generation release may be the reason some Pokémon haven’t returned to the franchise yet.

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Why Gen 5 and 6 may be remade in the pipeline

There is a popular theory that some of these creatures never made it back to the Switch because they were too powerful in their own generations, and so could also unbalance modern games. Examples include Greninja and Eelektross, which were incredibly powerful upon release for various reasons. Eelektross is a pure electric type that can have the ability to fly, which means that it will effectively have no weaknesses and still cause superior STAB damage to both Water and Flying-type Pokemon.

Meanwhile, Greninja has been one of the most popular pocket monsters Pokemon X And the s, even successfully appearing in multiple tournaments due to having his own kind of Mega Evolution equivalent thanks to Ash Greninja. Then again, The Pokemon Company brought back famous tournament monsters like Landorus in Gen 8, so there are ways they can handle the return of Pokemon like Greninja and Eelektross.

Since some lost creatures were and still are common, Nintendo will likely want to take advantage of that in the future when the fifth and sixth generations are announced. Although the Ochaut line is already back Pokemon Legends: Arceusit is still plausible that if pokemon scarlet and violet Do not include the remaining Gen 5 starters, this is because they will be part of Pokemon Black And the white Remasters that may similarly come to the Switch if a new console isn’t announced by then.

All of this makes one wonder if Nintendo really wants to keep the Switch as a main console for several years to come, rather than exploring other console options. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And the shining pearl Came out last year, and with pokemon scarlet and violet Coming in less than four months, it seems logical that Pokemon Black And the white Remanufacturing is at least another full year, if not more. In the end, if these monsters end up being excluded from Genesis 9 Pokemon Pokedex for games, it may be a sign that the next Pokemon New releases are coming sometime soon.

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