Pokemon GO should have its own regional variants

The Pokemon The franchise has a lot of exciting content on the way, thanks to scarlet pokemon And the Violet. Each new generation of the series brings dozens of new creatures for fans to collect and befriend, putting another twist on the eternal quest to complete the Pokedex. but, scarlet pokemon And the Violet You don’t deserve all the credit for getting pregnant Pokemon franchise at the moment. Continuous live service products such as Pokemon GO also crucial. in modern history, Pokemon GO It’s allowed new insight into well-established mechanics like Mega Evolution, but may have a lot more to offer. Pokemon privilege of it.

Today’s video games

One of the biggest ongoing trends in franchising is the introduction of regional Pokemon variables. Alola, Galar, and Hisui have all added special versions of well-known Pokemon in order to add a bit of variety to the franchise’s world. These regional variants have been met largely favorably, and with nearly a thousand distinct Pokémon, there is still room for more regional variants to appear in any given Pokémon game. While Pokemon GOIts gameplay and gameplay model would make it a bit funky, and the hit mobile title could use quite a few regional Pokemon variants of its own.

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Why is Pokemon GO worth regional variants

for several years, Pokemon GO He was a proud ambassador for regional Pokémon variants. Several Alolan versions of Pokemon have arrived Pokemon GO Long before Pokémon from the older generations arrived, Hesoyuan Voltorp and Electrode soon arrived in the game in 2022 to celebrate Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ Release. however, Pokemon GO It lacks its own Pokemon variants. As a general rule, Pokemon GO It was treated largely as a secondary part of Pokemon The family focused on adapting well-known concepts of the franchise, rather than offering much of its own.

Although it is not made by Game Freak, Pokemon GO It deserves more special treatment. Niantic . made Pokemon GO into an overwhelming success that continues to attract players and generate a lot of revenue; a little Pokemon Subsidiaries can claim to be just as popular and profitable as Niantic’s mobile title. Because Pokemon GO Do great, it’s worth introducing some new stuff to the franchise, rather than basically capturing content and trends from the core Pokemon Toys. A couple of regional variants that highlight Pokemon GOUnique concept and features would be a great way to celebrate the contributions of the game.

Imagine regional Pokémon GO skins

Where Pokemon GO Highly focused on real-life travel and exploration, Niantic and Game Freak could team up to create some form of migration from well-established Pokemon. For example, companies can add flying type to specific Pokémon to mimic real birds that travel with the seasons, or they can similarly make fish-like water-type variants that roam the Pokémon’s world with the help of ocean currents. Mobile Pokemon variants like these could be called things like “Psyduck GO”, since the name would represent their migratory nature even on console Pokemon Toys. creatures of Pokemon GO Migration may also lead to fun seasonal events in games like scarlet pokemon And the Violet.

At the moment, it seems unlikely that Pokemon GO It will start adding its own regional variations. Usually the mechanic aims to highlight a new car Pokemon Zone Features You might understandably find Game Freak and The Pokemon Company Pokemon GOSettings and themes too vague to justify completely new Pokemon Forms. still, Pokemon GO He undoubtedly got a little special treatment. The game earned a place as one of the best players Pokemon Pop-up companies, and still seem to have years of contributions ahead of them. if Pokemon GO He still has a lot to give, so the franchise should at least let him have a few special Pokemon that enhance his legacy.

Pokemon GO Now available for Android and iOS devices.

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