Pokémon Heart Gold and Super Mario Galaxy Collide collide in Surprising Johto Mod

The surprisingly super Mario Galaxy model brings Mario to the Johto area of ​​Pokemon HeartGold, shocking fans of both franchises with its realistic appearance.

Super Mario Galaxy Meets Pokemon HeartGold In an amazing and well-made mod he sends Mario to the Johto area. Super Mario Galaxy Mods are not uncommon, as the title (and its sequel) is a fan favorite that was released on the Wii and is now available on the Nintendo Switch. despite Pokemon And the Super Mario It has completely different styles, both are popular Nintendo franchises, so combining the two creates a very entertaining result.

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Super Mario 3D All Stars Collect the beloved Mario pads including Super Mario 64And the Super Mario SunshineAnd the Super Mario Galaxy. Although it is completely new standalone Super Mario The game has not been released recently, and Pokemon The franchise is constantly changing and growing. From exciting Nintendo Switch titles like Mythology: Arceus and next scarlet and violet to me trading card gameAnd the Pokemon Fans have plenty of new content to try. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Older Pokemon The games are at this point, having been released in 2009, but they have been very successful and have been remade with similar success gold and silver titles.

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popularity Super Mario The modder named RiazorMC has created a very well-made mod that Mario sends to Pokemon HeartGoldJohto District. Riazor He shared a video of Mario crossing through Johto, running and jumping twice over rivers. While the situation is very realistic, it’s shockingly unnatural to see Mario in the zone, especially making quick and smooth moves that a Pokémon trainer in HeartGold couldn’t even try. Although some responses agreed that the situation was uncomfortable to watch, RiazorMC’s video has garnered more than 30,000 likes.

Super Mario Galaxy Mod puts Mario in the Johto region of Pokémon HeartGold

RiazorMC is also famous for creating content for others Super Mario titles like Mario Kart And also Super Mario Galaxy 2. Mod creators like RiazorMC usually use emulators in order to make mods and add them to Nintendo titles on PC. Because of this and copyright issues, even some of the most impressive Super Mario Fan-made games and mods are limited to only being noticed and not played by the audience.

Mario in Pokemon The area is entertaining to see, albeit a little unconvincing. Fans of older and more recent Nintendo games are constantly creating customized content to change what they don’t like or honor some of their favorite titles. Although there is no stand-alone Super Mario titles released this year, Pokemon Fans receive two brand new titles. Pokemon Legends: Arceus It was released at the beginning of 2022, which finally marks a new era of Pokemon matches, and fans will also receive Pokemon scarlet and violet In November. but, Super Mario It will not appear in either of them.

source: RiazorMC / Twitter

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