Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Eternal Battle Fantasy Explained

Although it is not perfect, Pokemon Legends: Arceus Another commercial success for Nintendo. Despite some sub-par visuals, and some abstract open world mechanics, many of them Pokemon Fans love the game, and see it as the innovative next step the franchise needs some time for and a great place to start future games. Although the game has a decent runtime, taking around 70 hours to hit 100%, some die-hard fans have already found themselves doing nothing.

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Fortunately, Game Freak recently released the 1.1.0 update, adding a whole bunch of post-game content. While the update was also used to fix bugs and add some new harvesting mechanics, its main purpose was to add some new orders and modes available to players who beat Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ The main quest. One such mode is the Eternal Battle Reverie mode, which is sure to challenge even the most skilled of players.

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Explanation of the eternal battle fantasy mode

Pokemon Legends Arceus Battle Reverie

Essentially, Eternal Battle Reverie tasks players with participating in a continuous series of battles. The more successive battles are won, the more useful coach items such as experience will be rewarded to the player. Candy and pebbles. Players can choose to capture any captured Pokémon, but once the first battle begins, the option is locked until the player is defeated or leaves the arena.

At the beginning of each round, the player interacts with Arceus, where they will be given three possible classes to choose from, such as Flying Type, Strong Offense or Strong Defense. The chosen class will determine the type of Pokemon the player will encounter in the next round. Battles can include singles, duos, or even threesomes.

However, the Eternal Battle Reverie mode is not for the faint of heart, as opponents will start with level 80 of Pokemon. As the player progresses through the mode, the difficulty increases, as level 90 Pokémon appear after 10 wins, and level 100 Pokémon appear after 20 wins.

When the player wins his battle, he is awarded a certain number of points based on the difficulty of the match. These points can then be used to purchase Wishes for the next round. These desires range from giving the player the ability to restore health points for a single Pokemon, to inflicting a status condition on an opponent, sacrificing 20% ​​of a Pokemon’s HP to earn double points for that battle. These desires add quite a bit of strategy to the situation and are sure to give skilled players enough advantage to make their way through quite a few matches.

How to unlock fantasy eternal battle mode

Possible massive outbreak of dlc

To unlock the Eternal Battle Reverie mode, players will first need to finish the main mission of the game. This can be done by completing Mission 27: Created Pokemon, in which players face Arceus himself. Next, players will need the Highland Camp, which can be found in Obsidian Fieldlands.

Once at the Highland Camp, players will need to speak with Mai, who will present the player with Order 95. Players will then need to complete Order 95, along with orders that unlock later. Once Order 102: Daybreak is complete, the player will have access to the Eternal Battle Reverie.

To get into the mode, all players need to do is head to their accommodations and sleep in their bed for any length of time. Players will then be directed to start the challenge. The player will then wake up in a mysterious arena, where they can interact with Arceus to start the first battle.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Available on Nintendo Switch.

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