Pokemon Legends: Arceus: What Happens to Volo

The Gingko Guild’s Volo is one of the most interesting characters in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, but what happens to him once the game is over?

a novel Pokemon Legends: Arceus Filled with unforgettable characters, including Volo from the Gingko Guild. Many of these new people are the ancestors of the characters in Pokemon Diamond and Pearlwhich means that players can piece together the mysteries of what happened to them next Mythology: Arceusreal end. Volo’s fate is largely unexplained, but there are subtle hints that hint at what happened to him.

[Warning: Spoilers for Pokémon Legends: Arceus are below.]

When players meet Volo for the first time Pokemon Legends: Arceus, he is a marvelous trader with the Gingko Guild. He appears to be fleetingly interested in the hero, but apart from appearing at a few odd times, there’s nothing early on to suggest he’s more than a friendly face. As the story progresses, it soon becomes clear that Volo isn’t just a dealer – and that he may have some ulterior motives to help players.

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This all comes to a head in the post game once the credits run out. In the run up Pokemon: Legends: ArceusThe true end, Volo reveals that he is behind the strange events in Hisui in an attempt to outwit Arceus. Finally revealed as the true villain, Volo Giratina summons and players must fight both in order to save the world. After that, Volo escapes – but not before declaring that he will do whatever it takes to find Arceus, even if it means waiting for centuries.

Volo could appear in Pokémon Legends: Arceus DLC

Pokemon legends Arceus How to beat Volo and Giratina

After fighting Volo, players must”Meet all Pokemon” at Mythology: Arceus‘ Pokédex before being able to meet Arceus by playing the Azure Flute. Along the way, they will encounter Professor Laffinton, who is reported to have stopped by Volo and was helping behind the scenes. Luffonton says he thinks Volo has some motive to keep helping them, despite being the villain. However, Volo does not appear again.

Although not explicitly mentioned, fans have assumed that Volo is the ancestor of Cynthia from diamonds and pearls. This is exacerbated by the fact that the two are similar – and that their teams have many of the same Pokémon on them. Cynthia finally meets Arceus in silver spirit And the heart of gold, perhaps referring to the fact that Volo vows to meet Arceus even if it takes centuries. While Volo hasn’t met a Pokémon himself, his descendant has.

Volo is also likely to appear in the future Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC. The open nature of Folo’s fate certainly indicates that players will encounter him again. It’s unusual for Pokemon The game ends with its main villain being the lam, so it’s possible that Volo will appear for a second match. So far, Pokemon Legends: Arceus The DLC hasn’t been officially announced, but it’s recent Daybreak The update added some more postgame content.

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