Predict Pokémon Gen 9 developments based on the writing of previous games

Next Pokemon 9th generation games, pokemon scarlet and violetThey haven’t revealed the final Pokemon evolutions they’ve announced yet (or the types of those evolutions), but some predictions can be made based on previous games. There are many rumors and leaks about the games and their Pokemon, which must be taken honestly. pokemon scarlet and violet It is slated to launch soon on November 18th, so hopefully more information will come soon.

In the Pokemon Games, objects that players can collect and battles can often be categorized into different archetypes, the most common of which have three stages in their evolutionary line. These include territorial birds and bugs Pokémon, as well as (usually of the dragon type) pseudo-legendary and a few others that do not consist of three stages such as Pokemon The Pikachu clone of generations, which is vividly similar to the famous mascot of the franchise, Pikachu. Each region tends to have at least one Pokémon that fits these categories. However, the most obvious archetype is the starters, which always have one primary herbal type, fire type, and aquatic type. Fuecoco, Sprigatito, and Quaxly are the rookies of Gen 9, and their final developments – as well as their species – have been some of the biggest rumors surrounding scarlet and violet this dimension.

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Until an announcement is made regarding the final skins for beginners and other Pokemon that will be there scarlet and violetIt is almost impossible to say for sure what they will look like or what species they will have. It is possible that all fan expectations are wrong and that games will experience completely unexpected developments. Very few Pokemon have been confirmed scarlet and violet So far, fewer of them are unique to the region, leaving little hint as to what kind of genre combinations players can expect in the game. Reddit user Codraroll analyzed various archetypes and their genre patterns in a file Pokemon Games, which give some ideas about the possibilities of combinations in scarlet and violet.

Pokemon have secondary print patterns for their archetypes

Alpha Garchomp is the highest level Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon It tends to follow certain styles when it comes to writing for its various original styles. They usually have the same basic type across regions, but don’t usually repeat it across or within games. In Gen 6 Kalos, for example, there are eight different three-stage evolutionary lines, and between them are 13 different species with only two lines sharing one; Gen 8 contains 11 lines with 14 types and four iterators, including PokemonFairy type somewhat overpowered. Given these stats and the fact that each archetype claims its primary type, the secondary types of Generation 9’s final evolutions can be quietly narrowed down to those that have never actually been used before. Pokemon Toys.

There are also other factors to consider for the secondary types of archetypes. Ice is never used in the early stages of a Pokemon The game, which means that it is completely eliminated for the territorial birds and the insect, which are usually encountered in the first tracks. Poison is rarely used in 3-phase evolutions, and floor and electric have only been used once since then X and Y. In addition, powerful and popular evolutions used in the late game including – but not limited to – Pseudo-legendary are usually chosen from a small selection of minor genres; fairy, psychic, crucifixion, dark and combative, some of which were used by pseudo-myths in the past Pokemon Toys.

Possible species combinations for the final evolution of the archetype of Pokemon Scarlett and Violet

Territorial Birds and Bugs Pokemon’s scarlet and violet Not yet revealed, nor pseudo-legendary. However, given the secondary types used in the past, there are some strong possibilities for each of their own species combinations. A regional bird can have a psychic, fairy, electric, earth or rock if to avoid repetition, and a regional bug can have Fairy, Ground, Steel or Rock. The pseudo-legendary has the smallest pool, with only Psychic and Fairy available. The territorial flying/rock or flying/psychic looks particularly exciting, as does the territorial bug/steel or bug/rock. The Dragon/Psychic or Dragon/Fairy are both very interesting, especially as they are almost unused writing combinations in Pokemonwith Mega Altaria, Latias, and Latios – as well as their huge forms – among them.

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There are also other models for Pokemon, some of them scarlet and violet It has already revealed its members in. Smoliv and Pawmi seem to fill the roles of the early regional game Grass-type and Pikachu Clone respectively, and Lechonk can be considered a Normal Rodent Pokemon despite being a pig. Since these archetypes do not have clear patterns, they cannot be quantified as easily as the three-phase models; However, Pawmi is rumored to be evolving into the electric/combat genre. The turf types in the early games were monotypes and combinations, and they tend not to stray from repetition in the same way that three-stage streaks do. Smoliv’s secondary type is ordinary, and he’s basically a blank slate, so his secondary development can change into just about anything, even a unique set in Pokemon scarlet and violet. If the Lechonk is the “normal rodent”, it will most likely remain a pure normal type based on previous games, but almost any subspecies can also be evolved.

Minor types for Gen 9’s Starter Pokémon Final Evolutions

The three beginner Pokémon from Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon Beginners also tend to have their own subtype pattern, although it is a relatively new pattern. Fighting, Dark, Ghost, Fairy, and Psychic have been used frequently since then Pokemon I moved to 3D games. the most recent, Mythology: Arceus, Fighting, Dark, Ghost, and Gen 9 starters use Fuecoco, Sprigatito, and Quaxly as well, with Sprigatito as Grass/Dark, Fuecoco Fire/Ghost, and Quaxly Water/Fighting. It seems strange that these three minor types will soon be repeated, so it is possible that they have different types; Perhaps even minor genres that beginners have never used before, which makes them completely unique. If the rumored combos are correct, then Fuecoco won’t be at least a Fire/Fighting-type Pokemon, which is a mix of hyper-type and frustrating for Fire beginners.

Outside of the five frequently used types, it is difficult to predict the possible combinations. Each of its basic types can be eliminated, as well as the late Ice and Dragon types in the game. Some look very strange and may be less likely than the rest, such as Electric and Bug. With these in mind, rock, steel, earth, flight, and poison are all distinct possibilities. The Quaxly could easily be a secondary bird, and the Fuecoco probably depends on which direction its developments go, but the Sprigatito is less so. They can contain poison, which was used for the Bulbasaur subtype in generation 1. Rock, steel, or earth can all be suitable for a Fuecoco subtype, but probably not a Sprigatito or Quaxly. However, it’s entirely possible that any of them will have one of these types, or that Game Freak will add entirely new types of Pokémon for someone to use in their pokemon scarlet and violet.

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Source: Codraroll / Reddit

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