Re: Myth – 7 tips for beginners

After several years in Early Access, Re: legend It has evolved into its full version. If you’re new to the game, getting used to its unique mix of Pokemon-like monsters, Harvest Moon-inspired farming, and social interaction is challenging. You are expected to manage crops, farm fish and keep your growing choice of pets (which the game calls Magnus) happy and developing.

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There’s a lot to do and not enough time or energy to do it, so if you’re struggling to get your Magnus to like you and have enough money to keep the ball rolling, these tips will make things easier for you!

Use your Magnus as often as possible

without SP, you can’t do anything. You cannot water your plants, mine ores, fish or even run through the vast game world. Choosing when and how you spend it is something you have to decide at the beginning of each day. This decision becomes much easier when you realize that you can just use Magnus to do your tasks instead. It will Consume their SP instead of your SP And in some cases, it may be better for them to do so.

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For example, file Draconewt you get early can water your plants in a 3×1 pattern, much larger than your watering can.. Magnus can help the other in other ways like rock mining and logging, helping you collect resources without spending stamina. You can also ride them to Travel the world without consuming your SP. If there is a way to get your Magnus to do something for you, there is every reason to have them do it. You feed them and shelter them after all.

Eat Cocomelons like candy

With SP management being essential early in the game, having ways to regenerate makes things a lot easier. Although you can cook fish to restore your SP, Cocomelons offer an alternative that is readily available and less mentally intense. This wild fruit can be found all over the coast of Fouka and Modestly restore 10% of your stamina. With so many of them available, eating them when necessary isn’t a bad idea.

You have to be careful when eating Cocomelons as they are Reduce both Defense and Magical Defense by 25%.

Prioritize unlocking teleportation

Moving it around the world on foot or on the back of your Magnus ages quickly. Running in the same areas will take up a lot of your precious time, especially because you SP will deplete quickly if you stay up late. Will to open teleportation Saves you time both in the real world and in the game.

Unlocked as a reward for defeat Boss at the end of the sunken temple, which happens to be the game’s first major battle. You can’t do this right away because getting strong enough to do so takes a lot of effort and will need you to progress through the story. However, it is worth doing for the sake of convenience.

Level up all your skills

There are four classes, one for each weapon type, and Stunning 16 life skill. These measure how good you are at usual tasks such as farming, fishing and crafts But it also includes eating, sleeping and running. You’ll improve all of your life skills as you play the game just because many of them are things you normally do, although some can be left behind if you aren’t paying attention.

Making sure they are all settled can be daunting but it will do it It gives you more SP. Collect life skills too Grant efficiency when improved. Having to greet your neighbors may be an unwanted distraction from your Magnus, but it’s well worth it after you get more SP for your troubles. It will also make you experience everything the game has to offer.

Get a lot of XP

Your skills are just one part of the progression puzzle. Another is XP itself. Leveling up will allow you to allocate points to your Growth and Six main features That affects everything from your HP to your damage. Magnus benefits, too. will grow in HP, SP, and statsAnything they need to be more useful. It’s also important to note that Magnus needs to reach level thresholds to develop and unlock new features.

While killing enemies is a tried and true way to earn more XP, doing missions in guild house It is another alternative. It comes with an additional bonus of money and other bonuses that are especially useful at the beginning of the game.

Grow crops as often as possible

This may seem really obvious but growing crops is more than just generating money. Although they excel at making money, It’s great for eating, too. The vast majority of cooking recipes need more than just meat; They need seasonal fruits and vegetables from your farm, very. Without enough crops, it would be very difficult to cook Most effective in stat boosting and food recovery.

Magnus eats too. While some are happy to chew rocks and ores, most have finer plates that require fresh produce. You will need to be aware of their preferences when taming them and Especially when developing. Magnus is often satisfied with crops in general, but their strict development requirements often include specific crops.

Growing hydroponic crops from the beginning

It can be confusing to read that you can grow Aqua Crops Before the game gives you a tutorial of the mechanic. Growing it before the tutorial can save you some time MAny Magnus in Vokka Coast Enjoy these crops. You just need Buy a shovel from Emilia from the general store And prepare your plots of land in Your southwest pond. Although they obviously don’t need water, you still need to take care of them Get rid of hungry fish every day. Leave it for a long time and it will wither.

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