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FromSoftware Games has always been one of the most active modding community. From Dark Souls Affinity 3 mod for Dark Souls Nightfall Project, We have seen some of the most insane mods that have been made for video games. Of course, the goal of these mods is not only to keep the game fresh but also to bring about the quality-of-life changes that fans demand. In today’s guide, we’ll cover the latest addition to one of FromSoftware’s best community mods, the Elden Ring’s Seamless Co-op mode.

Elden Ring is the latest addition to FromSoftware’s Soulsborne games. With its latest addition, Fromsoftware has not only improved the gameplay systems but also the NPC missions. Check out our guides on Fia, Alexandar, Ranni, Millicent and spots to learn about some of the most interesting NPCs of Elden Ring.

On top of that, Elden Ring features the best designs created from any Fromsoftware game. Bow designs and magical structures have been significantly revamped to make them more practical in gameplay. So consider reading our guides for the best Elden Ring arc and magicians for that.

What is Seamless Collaboration in Elden Loop?

Picture showing 3 players co-op

To put it simply, Seamless Co-op is a co-op mode that allows you and your friends to play the game from start to finish without the game placing any restrictions. Meaning now you can explore it land between With your friends without the game kicking them out after you eliminate a boss.

Elden Ring’s multiplayer can be quite boring at times due to connectivity issues and restrictions that the game imposes on the player. Fortunately, the Seamless Co-op Style aims to solve all of these problems. Before reading more, why not go to our guide on the locations of Comet Azur, Ghiza’s Wheel, and Hook Claws in the Elden Ring.

This mode is developed by LukeYuialso known for his work in Sekiro Online And the Blue guards. The mod brings all these features and quality of life changes to the multiplayer that you might have initially expected from Elden Ring.

So without further ado, let’s discuss the features and quality of life that the mod brings

Features and Style Changes in Seamless Co-op Mod

There are a lot of changes that the Elden Ring Seamless Co-op is making to the Elden Ring multiplayer system, which are discussed below:

  • If the host or any of the players dies, the session will not be terminated. Instead, the players who died will return to the last resting place they rested.
  • The next change is perhaps the biggest. The Elden Ring Seamless Co-op mod enables you to continue playing the game with your friends even after defeating the district boss.
  • Usually in the Elden Ring, when you summon players into your world, the other players are restricted to the area they are summoned to by fog barriers. These fog barriers have been removed in Seamless Co-op style.
  • One of the biggest limitations that the Elden Ring online component imposes on you whenever you jump into multiplayer is taking you away from your ability to summon Torrent. With Seamless Co-op mode, you and your buddies can torrent in multiplayer and explore the vast world of Elden Ring more easily.
  • All route points are synchronized in this mode, which means that you and your group can quickly travel anywhere on the map.
  • The world will be reset if any of the party members settle into a position of blessing. This is done to avoid enemy synchronization.
  • Another big change that Seamless Co-op makes over multiplayer in Elden Ring is that it synchronizes the progression of all players. The game’s progress in online play is transferred to your world as well. In other words, the defeated leader in the host’s world will also fall into your own world as well.
  • Invasions are not necessary to advance in Varre’s quest.
  • Seamless collaboration fixes the Elden Ring connection system using the latest networking API from Steam.
  • Marika quotas are disabled to avoid connection issues.

Quality of life changes

One of the biggest issues that still persists in the online multiplayer game Elden Ring is connectivity issues. Constant interruptions during sessions is something that can frustrate you greatly. Elden Ring’s seamless collaboration makes the following changes to improve connection stability.

  • The first life-improving quality that seamless co-op brings to multiplayer in Elden Ring is that Disable Easy Anti-Cheat. This allows you and your friends to freely use any mod they want, while giving all members of the group to download that mod.
  • With the removal of Easy Anti Cheat, the packet loss issues and errors that it causes are also gone.
  • Smooth cooperative Seamless connection Your friends are allowed to join you from anywhere in The Lands Between. So disconnecting from the host is no longer an issue because you quickly rejoin and pick up where you left off.

Create a balanced collaborative experience

Disfigured colleagues resting at the site of grace

Challenge is one of the core elements of Fromsoftware’s games. This is something mod designer LukeYei was well aware of. Playing the game with friends will obviously make the game in general a lot easier than playing solo, but some additions have been made to keep the overall experience balanced and rewarding.

The changes made to keep the overall experience challenging and rewarding are as follows:

  • In smooth co-op mode, You can play with 3 friends Unlike Max 2 in the base Elden Ring game. For balance, the third level of the Enemy Gauge has been added.
  • As mentioned earlier, being disconnected from the session once the host or player called to their boss dies makes the overall experience very frustrating as you have to go through a lot of steps to join the game. To solve the problem of boss battles, the Seamless Co-op mod puts dead players within range spectator adjustment Like other multiplayer games, it allows the fight to continue until all the group members die.
  • You will accumulate a debuff when you die in a Co-op session. Debuff can be one of the five types of rot that a dying player will get. The reason for the change is to prevent the player from dying repeatedly while other players do their best to survive to prevent the enemies from respawning.
  • If one of your partners settles into a boon position while you are fighting a boss, you and your boss-fighting friends will be removed from the boss room.

Is the seamless mod safe for the Elden Ring?

Now to answer the burning question. Is Seamless Co-op Safe to Use? Or is there a possibility that you will be banned? Well, the short answer is no.

But the answer to these questions is not always so simple. Elden Ring uses Easy Anti Cheat, and using any type of mod with Elden Ring will force you to go into offline mode. Forcing the game to mod online with mods enabled can get you banned. On the topic of anti-fraud and inappropriate activity, take a look at our guides on fighting the Elden Ring fraud and inappropriate activity bug.

Likewise, modifying Seamless Co-op files in order to connect to vanilla players will likely result in an immediate ban as well. Furthermore, the save file extension used by Elden Ring’s Seamless Co-op mod is different from that of the base Elden Ring game.

So, merging Seamless Co-op save files with a vanilla game can lead to permanent bans as well. While you’re at it, consider reading our guides on the best swords and armor in the Elden Rings.

Installation and use guide

Seamless Co-op is one of the easiest mods that you can install on the Elden Ring. You don’t need to install a mod engine or other such software to make it work. It is a very simple 4-step installation process. Before you go any further, why not go through our guide to Elden Ring Eleonoras Poleblade guide.


  • Download the mod from Nexus Mods.
  • After the download is finished, extract the downloaded .rar file in the Elden Ring folder.
    Seamless Co-op files extracted into Elden Ring folder
  • You will see two extracted items. One of them will be a file. exe will be used to run the Elden Ring, and the other will be a folder named “SeamlessCoop”.
  • Go inside the SeamlessCoop folder and open the word collaboration file. Once you open this file, you can set the session password in front of the password. Also, make sure that your friends use the same password as you.
    Password for the friendly session
    Setting a Seamless Co-op . Password


  • Launch Elden Ring through “laucnh_elden_ring_seamlesscoop.exe”.
  • Once you enter the game, you will notice that you have four new items (Malinia Doll, Great Bot Teeny, Separate Fog, and Judicator Rulebook) in your inventory.
  • To create a session, use a Tiny Great Pot from your inventory.
    Create a session
    Item used to create a session
  • If you want to join a friend’s session, just use the Malenia doll from your inventory, knowing that you and your friend use the same password.
    Join the session
    Item used to join a session
  • If you want to leave a session or want to forcibly remove someone from the session, use Separating Mist from your inventory.
    Leave and kick the item
    Item used to leave a session or kick someone out of a session
  • As mentioned above, the Seamless Co-op mode does not allow other players to invade your world, and presumably removes the all-important PVP component that is the heart of Elden Ring’s multiplayer. This is something that has been taken care of as well. You can use the Judicator’s Rule at any time to turn friendly fire on or off, allowing you to engage in friendly duels as well.
    Friendly PvP
    Item used to turn on or off friendly fire
  • The last important thing to consider, make sure that you and your friends are using the same version of the mod and the game so that everything works properly. So make sure to keep the game and the game up to date.

our point of view

Elden Ring features a gorgeous sprawling open world with hundreds of different creatures but in making a great single player mod FromSoftware is likely to cut some corners with multiplayer either due to budget or time constraints.

Occasional blackouts and expulsion from the session because the host couldn’t avoid Melania’s waterfowl dance can be very frustrating with all the hoops you have to jump through to rejoin the session.

Another thing is open world exploration because Elden Ring never allowed Co-op players to explore and kill bosses for as long as they wished. This is one of the reasons why the Seamless Co-op is one of the most popular Elden Ring mods currently on the Nexus Mod. Speaking of bosses, consider reading the list of Elden Ring Bosses.

LukeYui’s fluid collaboration style makes Elden Ring work in a way you’ve always dreamed of. Collaborating with your friends and exploring The Lands Between without fear of being kicked out of the session when the host dies or traveling long distances without a torrent is what makes this mode a must-have for your Co-op experience.

Hopefully, the changes that Seamless Co-op has brought to the multiplayer game Elden Ring won’t go unnoticed by FromSoftware. FromSoftware is always dedicated to their games and is always working on polishing any rough edges of their games in their future installments.

So it is out of the question that FromSoftware will completely overhaul the multiplayer system and make the entire system more player friendly whenever the next Big Souls game drops. On the topic of soul games, why not check out the best Soulsborne games ever, learn the order of Souls games and see where Elden Ring stands.

This concludes our guide on Elden Ring’s Seamless Co-op mod. Let us know what you think of our guide in the comments below.

Elden Ring is currently available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Microsoft Windows.

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