Sifu: 5 game lovers must play next

Sevo Turning into a huge hit among fans and critics, this compact version debuted to a positive reaction thanks to its clean and meaty combat mechanics, immersive art style, and a clear reverence for the sources and media that inspired it. In a year likely to feature big-name and persistently popular AAA versions of live multiplayer titles, Sevo It proves that the indie gaming scene has a lot to offer as well.

However, since the acclaimed SloClap version is a relatively short and compact experience, players will be looking for other titles to satiate their appetite for martial arts mayhem. While Sevo They may be quite unique in some of the more special gameplay mechanics, there are definitely some games that can scratch a similar itch.

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The abyss is close to the rogolike perfection

Sevo It could be considered a standalone martial arts game, and while this is certainly true, there is no doubt that the game is influenced by the popular roguelike genre. As far as contemporary roguelikes go, there is only one place to head once the unknown martial artist completes his quest, and that is the Greek underworld to explore the resplendent glory of Supergiant’s Peerless 2020 edition, Hades.

Hades It is an essential game for any casual or hardcore player. debuting in global acclaim, Hades It redefined what a roguelike could be with its challenging and fast-paced battles, Greek mythology-inspired setting, delightful visual presentation, and engaging story. In sharing a lot of qualities you made Sevo Success, Hades It is the obvious choice for players looking for their next challenge.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a rewarding challenge

Sekiro uses Shinobi's prosthetic to set off fireworks in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sevo It might take a more direct influence from Hong Kong-based Chinese martial arts culture, but there’s no doubt about it. Sekiro: Shadows die twice And Sifu have a lot in common. To start, no game cares about holding hands, and while at it Sekiro Punishment may be more difficult, as both are designed to push players to master the art of fighting to achieve success. SekiroThe samurai-inspired efforts are of course more focused on the weapons and Buddhist mythology of the Sengoku period in Japan, but the heart and soul of what makes Sekiro Very great also applies to Sevo. Sekiro Not for the faint of heart, but for those looking for a proper challenge, there is no better game to explore then.

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Sleeping Dogs is an underrated martial arts gem

Sleeping Dogs Head

Hades It may share a lot of form and stylistic characteristics Sevobut sleeping dogs It is very similar to the 2022 edition of SloCap in terms of effects and chromatic style. Likes SevoAnd the sleeping dogs Inspired by the martial arts films of oriental cinema based in Hong Kong, happily inspired by the gimmicks and gimmicks of the kind he so clearly revere.

Likes HadesAnd the sleeping dogs Worth a visit regardless of its connections Sevo. One of the most underrated games of its generation, Square Enix’s open-world martial arts saga follows secret policeman Wei Shen as he looks to infiltrate the infamous Sun On Yee Triads. Consistently exciting, especially in terms of the fighting skills of its hero, fast-paced and very fun, sleeping dogs It is a game whose lack of existence still leaves a huge hole in the hearts of many loyalists.

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There is no deeper combat system than the absolute system

absolute battle

absolute It might be an odd name for a fighting game, and it certainly doesn’t reveal a great deal in its title, but the game is well worth investigating for those unfamiliar with its unique charm. Developed by the French studio also by SloCap, the action RPG has been a slow hit for a while now, and has had a steady but devoted following since its 2017 release.

absolute It was created as a martial arts title with tactile and smooth combat at its heart. Players can build their own combinations of attacks, combining strikes, dodges, feints, and guns to suit their playstyle, unlocking more equipment, styles, and weapons as they progress. Despite having a relatively simple two-button entry system, absolute It managed to be a challenging, varied and extremely smooth experience that should satisfy ardent martial arts enthusiasts and novices alike.

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Jet LI: Rise to Honor Makes You Feel Like a Legend

Jet Li rises to honor

If what you want is pure adrenaline-filled indulgence and difficulty, you could certainly do worse than look at one of the most famous and respected martial arts stars of his generation. Jet Li: Rise to the honor Not a classic game the way it is the last of us or ocarina of time It is, but it’s a super fun title that prioritizes player fun over anything else.

stand up for honorIts chief strength lies, unsurprisingly, in its combat system, a detailed and boldly realized joy that puts players in the shoes of a martial arts legend as they set out to kick the soul out of anyone foolish enough to block their path. stand up for honor It may not be as deep or venerable as Sevo, But it’s definitely just as fun.

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