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Even though it’s only four months into 2022, PlayStation has already come out swinging with solid exclusives like Forbidden horizon west And the Gran Turismo 7 release. However, the game that proved to be a sleeper hit to start the year is a martial arts title Sevo From French developer Sloclap, which released to largely positive reviews and solid sales on PS4 and PS5. Sloclap seems to have no intention of slowing down, and if declaring a new job is any indication, he’s already working hard on a new game.

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Sevo is a modern 3D hit game set in China where players take on the role of a talented, unidentified martial artist who sets out on a quest to avenge those responsible for the murder of their father and former master of assassins. The martial artist is also imbued with the ability to come back from the dead thanks to an ancient spell. However, the spell would kill a martial artist every time it was revived. Besides largely positive reviews, the game was a huge financial success for the smaller studio, which reported that the game sold over a million units within its first month.

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As mentioned above, the latest job listings on Sloclap’s official website seem to indicate that the studio is ready to begin development on its next game, if it isn’t already. One of the locations the studio is looking for is a new level designer to help the 50-person team build a new 3D action game. The listed requirements include what can be expected for this type of job, such as game design experience and level, but also require a candidate who is likely to have an interest in martial arts.

Information posted on Sloclap’s job listing raises two possibilities that players can look forward to for their next studio title. The first possibility, and the most obvious for some players, is that his next game could be a sequel to Sevo. Grant SevoSuccessfully, it would make sense for Sloclap to try to strike while the iron is hot and continue the journey of the game’s unnamed martial artist.

It’s also possible that Sloclap will be working on an entirely new title, although it does build on work done in Sevo. It’s not uncommon in the video game industry for developers of new titles to build on their previous work, creating soulful sequels, which in turn help give the studio a defining identity. One of the best recent examples of this approach is FromSoftware, which has built its identity over the past decade for its various Soulsborne-style games, such as elden ringIt presents a challenging gameplay episode led by a boss against dark fantasy worlds. Whether it proves to be a sequel, a new title, or even something in between, though, remains to be seen.

Sevo Currently available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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