Sifu Geffen Arkham Flair with Robert Pattinson Batman Fighting Mod

Sifu made its way into players’ hands just last month, something that is clearly an eternity in a player’s life, with release schedules being as full as they are nowadays, but Sifu has inspired many conversations about difficulty, setting, and film. inspiration.

Sifu is a homage to martial arts movies like Police Story, The Raid, and Tsui Hark’s The Blade, but the feisty kung fu Slocap seems to be injected with combat and fashion from the comic book world, in mod form. Inspired by the latest Batman movies.

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Voyagers Revenge is a YouTube channel that specializes in producing videos of cinematic gameplay, and for their most recent production, they used Sifu to create a short, crunchy, brutal Batman movie. Just check out the hood in the video. This is clearly inspired by Robert Pattinson’s version of Gotham’s crime fighter, in the Batman movie directed by Matt Reeves.

The Gamer today’s video

To achieve the effect, the YouTuber used a combination of mods. These include the Batman 2022 mod, which achieves the desired look from the movie Reeves and Pattinson’s silhouette, and the addition of the Sifudoka animated suite. This latest mod “emphasizes kicks, flash attacks, and movement variants that simulate or enhance your fighting abilities in ways that make you more versatile than the regular game.”

In the Voyagers Revenge video, the head crusader appears to be taking down enemies in appropriate brutal fashion, and dealing damage like the Dark Knight. To create the video, which also adds scenes similar to the Batman movies, such as the League of Shadows section, the video maker also used the free camera and some moody music.

“I started turning video games into short films around January 2019 and haven’t stopped since,” the YouTuber said on his About page, and he’s in for a good deal. He made a similar movie based on Sifu using John Wick as inspiration, while other video games made into cinematic videos include Elden Ring, Spider-Man, GTA 5, Assassin’s Creed, and The Last of Us 2. Patreon page is here.

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Sefu student getting ready to fight
Sifu adds Mandarin Chinese voice commentary

Sifu was originally only a Mandarin Chinese translation, but now has phonetic representation as well.

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