Sifu: Guidelines for Level 1 “The Squats”

Sifu, the kung fu fighting game for PlayStation and PC, broadcasts classic kung fu movies with battles against hordes of enemies, use of weapons, and use of the environment. Even the first level can be challenging for both beginners and impatient players, setting the stage for difficulty throughout the rest of the game.

Below, you’ll find a step-by-step walkthrough of The Squats, including the boss fight with “The Botanist” Fajar. Note that you will need to replay this level to complete the level detective board and – depending on your skill – to finish the stage at a younger age.

Make your way through the apartment building

You start out of the gate (press D-Pad Up for more information when prompted) that you have to jump with your X and fight the few enemies in that alley. After taking them out, head inside the building and continue.

Head to the back door, where you can get two things to add to the district’s detective board: Skull message and the door of the avenue. The latter will end up being a shortcut once you get the keys from the Skull Brothers. Head to the next room and grab the tube or bottle (tube recommended), then work your way up the floors and kill the enemies you come across. Note that the enemy will rush at you from the room on the second floor with the addicts (press D-Pad Up when asked for more information).

At the top of the stairs you will find two enemies (with a bottle on the edge) to take them out, then press D-Pad Up when prompted for the helpful hint. make sure you Sprint by pressing R2 To get to the next area. Take out the three enemies here (they might catch the bottles), then hit Purple fog on the kitchen table.

From old boy to first promotion

Go to town in the narrow hallway using a tube!

Grab a bottle if your poop is (probably) broken and get ready to fight straight from Old Boy. You enter a long, narrow corridor with many enemies. Some will have weapons, including a poop, so prioritize disarming them and using weapons against them.

After you defeat them, go up the ladder to another entrance. There will be rooms on either side with two enemies each, though the second enemy on the right is outside and somehow does not notice the fighting behind them; Vault her and take her out. You can then head to the next area of ​​any room or hallway, and grab a bottle to fight.

All on working days.

One of the enemies here not only has a poop, but looks like it under the influence of drugs. This means you Cannot perform removal And you will have to defeat him by slowly decreasing his health. Don’t be surprised if you end up dying here once or twice, especially if you can’t time your Parries and Shuffles properly.

When you leave the area, press D-Pad Up for more information. You will meet first shrine to unlock promotions (Not skills). there Nine upgrades total. Most of them Three levels, but one has four levels and one has two levels for total 27 upgrades.

Here are the promotions Based on the maximum age.

  • Chassis reserve (maximum age 60): Maximum structure increase.
  • Health gained from removals (maximum age 40): Increased health gained from eliminations.
  • Weapon durability (maximum age: 25): Increased durability of the weapon.

Here are the promotions Based on the stage score.

  • Structure recovery: Structure gains increased upon successful avoidance.
  • Restore focus: Increased focus regains on successfully avoiding or avoiding.
  • Barry effect: Increase the influence of Alpari on the opponent’s structure.

Here are the promotions Based on experience points.

  • Focus reserve: Add half a focus bar. This upgrade is for her Four levels.
  • Weapon Mastery: Improved weapon damage and effect on opponent’s chassis.
  • death counter: Reset your death counter to zero. This upgrade is for her two levels.
shrine upgrade.

It is recommended to focus on Weapon durability First, because it is unlikely that you will not only gain enough experience to unlock the main weapon skill, but also unlock the skill permanently. It is advised to increase durability more than weapon mastery since more damage is done to weapons anyway, so increasing weapon possession time should pay off early. It’s also the most age-restricted upgrade, and it is Three upgrades.

From Leviathan to Skull Brothers

The first leviathan.

Make your choice and move on, hopefully with a weapon on hand. Jump and get ready to battle with three enemies. Note that during the gameplay, one of the enemies fell into the gap between the buildings, removing them from the battle without taking the service out. After you take care of them, grab a brick if it’s still there and sprint forward, preparing yourself for a tyrannical force.

Use the bricks to get a quick advantage, then note that the game will help you by telling you how to avoid throws: Hold L1 and press the left stick. You’ll know he’s ready to throw the ball with his arms wide and circles of orange. He will also make intense attacks that you can’t block – but you can dodge – this will be indicated by his limbs turning orange. check the drug money On the back table, too.

There is something poetic about his death and falling over a bag of drug money.

progress. If you fall, you will see a man in the first bath with his back turned to you. With this said, all you need is one offense to run the removal sequence. Advance through the door into a room with many enemies, one of whom is holding a pipe and under his influence. Be careful here, but after you’re done, head to the back room.

Here, you will find a file Flyer Club This actually adds up to The Club and Sean’s painting, “The Fighter.” There’s also a new pipe here and one at the door in the next area for you to grab. Head to the entrance and hit the end of the hall first to move metal gate. Then head to the door on the left to fight against the Skull Brothers.

Those will access the shortcut through the Avenue Door in the reboot.

Run in one with the tube to try to get one out quickly. Once you defeat them, you get set of keyswhich is described as,Navigating through the repository will be much easier with these keys. These keys actually open the shortcut through the avenue gate. There is also another upgrade shrine here, so be sure to do an upgrade before you leave.

From the Hungar to the Dawn

Get into the barn now. You can either go down and take down all of these enemies or use a little stealth. If you head left, there is a lone enemy on the ledge. If you can defeat it without alerting the enemies on the ground, you can then go around the stern and grab a new pipe from a table. Beware that many of these enemies will grab the bamboo sticks and few will be under the influence.

After their defeat, grab purple rose on the table and go ahead. Make sure you have a bamboo or tube set. Here, you will meet three enemies, one of whom is a leviathan. It is actually easily defeated with a weapon where a few hits lead to takedown. Note that one of the three will also have a staff to hit you with.

Go ahead, run fast if you want to, and make sure you get to upgrade Shrine on the way! After entering the next building, be sure to grab Keycard 206 and check the private room door. The keycard is for the level of The Sanctuary and you have to re-level it after getting it flower key at the same level. This is the only way to complete the detective board for The Squats.

Gear up and get ready for your first real battle with Dawn, the “Plant World”.

Dawn’s defeat

Dawn is not an easy boss. It is graceful and powerful. He has three main attacks. Spam is more likely to jump off the table and land with an ax kick, followed by an upward kick, if you keep your distance. He also has a long sliding attack that will stop you. The third is just a series of quick hits. If you can, throw it at the surrounding tables and don’t corner yourself.

In the second stage, he will turn the warehouse into a bamboo field, using the bamboo to hide and launch attacks. Here, it’s the same machete he used to cut your throat eight years ago. Aside from jumping with a slicing attack, Fajar will also launch an attack charged with his machete (you can tell when it happens). This is in addition to some of the attacks I saw in the first stage.

Reduce his health and structure enough to trigger the elimination sequence, which will result in a cinematic and your first level.

What’s different about the acronym?

If you take the shortcut through the Avenue Door, you’ll encounter much fewer enemies – including the first leviathan – and instead head straight for Fajar.

Once you exit through the Avenue Door, you’ll find a small group of enemies and an upgrade shrine on the ledge above. Multiply this and continue. You really are not going to encounter more than one or two enemies at a time as you go along, hitting another shrine along the way until you hit a barn. Then you meet the lanes.

Restart the level with the keys and press the shortcut if you are not satisfied with the age you finished The Squats. All Detective Board scores will remain unlocked, so you just have to worry about upgrades and improving your lifespan.

Now you have step-by-step instructions on how to complete the first level of Sifu, The Squats. Can you get past it without dying even once?

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