Sifu: How to unlock Calbot’s powerful move

There are a large number of abilities and skills to unlock in Sifu. One focus ability, the Mighty Calbot movement, is unlocked by finding a specific Easter egg.

The Great Calbot is on the move Sevo It is a funny attack that is unlocked by finding the Easter egg during the third mission of the game. The movement can be found during the player’s journey through the museum level. Players must defeat the waves of enemies and traverse the floors of the museum to reach this Easter egg. Once players interact with the Easter egg, the Might Calbot Move will be available for purchase with XP.

Sevo It features a large number of concentration abilities, which are special abilities that can be turned on when players gain enough concentration from battle. When players dodge, dodge and attack successfully, their concentration bar increases. Players can then unleash the built-in focus and attack opponents with different concentration abilities. Although the Mighty Calbot’s movement is a rare ability in SevoPlayers will still want to use the skills they learned when they were beginners Sevo.

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Players cannot unlock the Mighty Calbot Move in the same way as other abilities Sevo. Instead, players must find a specific Easter egg to unlock the move for purchase. Once players find the Easter egg, they will still have to use the shrine to purchase the Mighty Calbot Move for 500XP. If players want to purchase the Mighty Calbot Move as a permanent skill, they must pay 2500XP. The permanently unlocked version allows players to keep the Mighty Calbot Move in their starting set after they die of old age.

Unlock Calbot’s powerful ability triggering ability to focus in Sifu

How to unlock the mighty Calbot in Sevo

Players must first reach the third mission of Sevo, the museum. This mission will test the strength of the players, because they have already gone through the introductory period that eliminates any player who has difficulty playing. Sevosevere difficulty. If players complete the Museum beforehand, they will have a keycard that can be used to access the stairwell. Using this stair allows players to bypass various exhibits containing groups of enemies. Players will eventually reach the third floor of the Museum. Once players reach the third floor, they will spot a young boss staring at a displayed mask.

Defeat the mini boss who uses the wand to clear the path of enemies. Then, go up to the green mask she was tossing before the fight. Interact with the mask to add “Strange Mask” to the detective panel and open “probability path“Hidden Trophy. Players will now be able to unlock the Mighty Calbot Move in exchange for XP. When players activate the Mighty Calbot Move, they slap an enemy in the head, causing the enemy to react. Players may not want to use the Mighty Calbot Move in an undying race Sevo.

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Sevo Available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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