Sifu: Reward each shrine, ranked

Even in the most difficult games, you get something to help you get through a painful journey. Sifu has several ways to help the player become stronger, and it is easy to move from one level to another. With patience, allocating points to the correct areas, and honing in your kung fu, you should be successful.

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Shrines are one of the things that can boost your strength. In three classes with nine options total, shrines allow you to have one upgrade per shrine permanently to play, until you fail without completing a level. If you choose wisely, it can make a huge difference in your chances of outsmarting your opponents.

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9 Reserve focus

  • Classification: XP

  • Cost: 250 XP

If you make an argument about any of the shrine’s capabilities, it’s hard to vouch for Focus Reserve. It gives you half a focus bar, which is used for certain skills that you can unlock.

Focus is generated by dodging or dealing with damage, which means that you will recover it naturally while playing. So there is no point in spending your experience points here, when you can spend it on skills or other rewards.

8 Weapon durability

  • Category: age

  • Max age: 25

The durability of the weapon does exactly what it sounds like. It makes your weapon more durable. Weapons have a decent lifespan in Sevo. You can pass through a lot of enemies before they break.

It can be easy to put a point in the durability of the weapon because the weapons make the game much easier. For some bosses, it’s better to go in with something on hand if you can find it. However, your best bet is to build on your structure, focus, and damage. Making this bat last longer might be nice, but it would have been better to upgrade something else.

7 renew

  • Classification: XP

  • Cost: 1,000 XP

The basic idea of ​​Sifu mechanics is the aging system. You die and go up for a year, with each year determining how many times you died. Die three times, go up three years. Rejuvenate allows you to recover for five years from this number of deaths.

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For early adopters or people who have never developed enough skills, you can help yourself by choosing this bonus. It’s expensive with 1,000 experience points, which would have been better spent on a skill. This will be a life saver when you’re in trouble with the death toll high, but not a starting point for every run.

6 Weapon Mastery

Whether you prefer to use a weapon at every opportunity, or just for a specific situation, weapon mastery is a wise choice if there are plenty of weapons around.

Makes all weapons pack a punch harder. While it helps eliminate ordinary enemies with ease, it can help you get rid of the boss’ health and skeleton faster, if you can bring a weapon into the ring. Since the bosses usually need to be dropped from the full hull, you need to stack everything in your favor to fill that bar.

5 Barry Effect

  • Category: points

  • Cost: 4000

If you are good at putting together a large group and increasing your score, the parry effect can be obtained reasonably well. Its high cost is worth it because it makes it more effective to avoid demolishing someone’s structure.

Avoidance is not easy for everyone. It takes skill, which is the central aspect that will lead you to success or failure in the brawler. Players who feel confident in this area should make it a priority when they come across a shrine.

4 chassis reserve

With your maximum 60 years of age, you have plenty of room when you want to increase your chassis reserve. When you do that, the maximum of your structure increases.

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The downside is that some enemies tore your temple apart. So, even if you have a lot, they can still eliminate you with specific attacks or combos. It’s best not to do all of this out, but you’ll want to invest at least a little bit to give you that extra security. Having an extra structure could mean life or death.

3 regain focus

  • Category: points

  • Cost: 2000

Increase the focus you regain when you dodge or block an attack with this bonus. It is indispensable, because it can change the game if used correctly.

Most skills related to concentration either stun or knock your opponent down. This unlocks them for an extra hit or combo for extra damage. When it comes to bosses, focused attacks become a lifesaver and can make combat go by faster. Spend your expertise on these specific skills and your score on this bonus.

2 Temple restoration

  • Category: points

  • Cost: 1,000

Reclaim more structure when dribbling or dodging. Another thing to grab when you reach a shrine is this bonus that will keep you in the ring a little longer while you build your enemy’s skeleton.

This vital bonus perfectly accompanies the restoration of focus. Create a combination of structure and focus regeneration as you dodge or dodge to increase your strength. Once you set the tempo, you’ll have both important components repackaged like clockwork, making for a game-changing experience.

1 Health gained in removals

  • Category: age

  • Max age: 40

Being rejuvenated is one thing, but healing in the midst of a fight is another. This bonus is turned off when you are over 40, but if you get it before that, you get your health back after a successful removal. When you fill in a person’s structure, the game gives you a directed button, which performs a cinematic takedown.

Sifu has some big fights where you have a lot of enemies coming towards you. At that moment, you need to make sure that your health and structure are in order. For health, you’ll need to make sure you use takedowns to stay in shape for the next level.

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