Sifu Update 1.13 released on September 14

Sloclap released Sifu update 1.13 (PS5 version 1.013) today for all available platforms. This is an unannounced major update, so don’t expect much outside of fixes. Read on for the September 14 Sifu patch notes.

Sifu Update 1.13 Patch Notes | Sifu update 1.013 patch notes | Sep 14 Sevo patch notes:

Here are the official patch notes thanks to the game’s PS4 update history.

  • [GOALS] Fixed an issue where certain objectives would not be unlocked retroactively if conditions were opened in which a previous version was filled in
  • [PHOTO MODE] Fixed an issue where using back entry with the settings menu open would cause text to appear in picture mode.
  • [PHOTO MODE] Fixed an issue where the Settings menu could not be opened in some cases.
  • [PHOTO MODE] Fixed an issue where the “S” key on the keyboard was shared between two different input actions, making it impossible to navigate using the camera
  • [MUSIC] Fixed an issue where the music would stop abruptly when ending a certain fight at the ‘Tower’ level.
  • [SKILLS] Fixed a visible issue where unlocking skills from a previous version would always appear invisible or inactive in the skill and character menus.
  • [SCORING] Various tweaks to the new scoring system – (avoid / swerve and parry + taunt will not increase your score anymore for avoiding exploits, but enemies with higher health give higher score)

Sloclap hasn’t released any official patch notes for this update yet, though the developer mentioned on Twitter that it’s currently working on some issues related to the game. You can read the ads below.

“If you have any issues using optical mode, reset the control to default and it should be fixed. We will be adding a final fix for custom configurations this week.”

Once the full patch notes are released, we will update them as soon as possible.

In related news, it was also announced yesterday during a Nintendo Direct event that Sifu will be available for the Nintendo Switch on November 8. Check out more in the trailer below. Sloclap has two other major updates for the upcoming game this year, which you can read about here.

source: Sevo TwitterSevo

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