Sifu update adds mandarin vocals, feats corrections

Sifu is getting some fixes for some annoying little bugs, as well as a new sound pack for the game just three weeks after its release.

Sifu update adds mandarin vocals, feats corrections

While Sevo Having been so popular since its launch about three weeks ago, the developers of the game understand that there are a few things that can be fixed here and there. While there is a larger Sevo Coming update in the near future, developer Sloclap has announced patch 1.07 which fixes some vulnerabilities here and there while adding a few smaller new features.

Sloclap has made no secret of the fact that the company will be updating Sevo With modifications here and there over the next few months. The fact that a roguelite will get an “easy” mode at some point is just as many tweaks and fixes will be made available. In the meantime, it’s clear that some mods dedicated to the kung fu fighting game will embrace the location and background of its plot spirit.

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Sloclap released some of these fixes and tweaks earlier this week in an update that addresses several different parts of the game. Reforms the opponent got in the first match of the year Sevo Update title issues with the title’s HUD, sound design, overall design, art, and UX/UI.


At the top of the list for the biggest update, update 1.07 brings Mandarin audio. This particular add-on is another one that Sloclap hinted at in the recent past, and it looks like they worked on it pretty quickly considering the game has been on the market for less than a month. The correction comes a few weeks ago Sevo Update.

In addition to adding Mandarin voiceover, the latest Sevo The update fixes a lot of small glitches that players have noticed since the game was launched. This includes things like exploiting the infinite loop that can occur when the player hits an already fallen enemy with a sweep of their leg. The patch also fixed the Blade technique to exploit the infinite loop that appeared when players fight Kuroki.

While those bug fixes and audio commentary are the biggest changes Sloclap made in this patch, there are smaller fixes when it comes to artwork elsewhere in the Roguelite game. It’s very clear that this won’t be the last patch of this kind, and if the release schedule so far is any indication, the developers are working at a very good pace to fix the glitches and issues that come up.

Sevo Now available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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