Street Fighter 6 State of Play Show: Adventure Mode, Return of Characters, Release Date and More

The Street Fighter franchise is making an epic comeback. Street Fighter 6 seems to be an open world adventure game now. This is an incredibly bold move by Capcom and it looks like it will pay off.

Street Fighter 6 showcased at PlayStation State of Play featured incredibly polished, open-world gameplay in a New York City setting that rivals some of today’s best games.

Classic Street Fighter characters are in the game with new fighters added to the roster. The game will be released in 2023, and fans can expect a favorable release date later this year.

There isn’t much to stop this hype train with gameplay that looks good. Capcom is on fire now. They have released top-notch games. The new Street Fighter 6 game will break all the notions of what a fighting game should be. It looks like they’ll follow the protagonist through a linear narrative that expands on popular Street Fighter archetypes.

Street Fighter 6 shows Master Ryu, Chun-Li and classic Street Fighter fighting style

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Fans can rest assured that they will be able to perform “Hadoken” with Ryo. It’s definitely in the game and it’s part of the story. Ryu looks older and wiser but still fights like an absolute beast.

Chun-Li also appears prominently on the show, and he also appears, like Ryu, to be part of the narration. There are a lot of new characters added to the roster and the story. It seems that they are primarily focused on providing a decent story experience, and while the classic combat modes are still prevalent, it looks like the open world will stand out.

SF 6 seems to have borrowed a lot of items from Sifu. The fighting styles and art are unique, but it didn’t deviate from what made Street Fighter games so special.

It places great emphasis on refining the classic combat system, and players can use a variety of combos, paris, and counters to completely destroy opponents.

Street Fighter 6 hits the scene in 2023! Experience a whole new era of Street Fighter with a system designed for creativity, vibrant art direction, and new modes that will re-imagine the fighting game genre. # Streetfighter 6🏙️

Online play also comes with a PS Plus subscription, but with the gameplay looking so good, there’s not much reason why fans shouldn’t buy this game. Street Fighter 6 is coming out sometime next year and looks like one of the best Street Fighter games to date.


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