Stunning Elden Ring fan art depicts Rani and Blade with wolf puppies

An Elden Ring fan has created an adorable painting of Lunar Princess Rani and her bodyguard, Blade, resting with wolf cubs.

A loyal and talented one elden ring Fans showed their love for two of the game’s most popular NPCs – the lunar princess Rani and her werewolf bodyguard, Blade – with a gorgeous piece of art depicting the couple resting in an idyllic autumnal landscape.

Chinese artist Yuyu Wong posted the digital painting on their Artstation page, along with the brief caption, “Blazer, yearning for starry nights?” The beautiful and picturesque scene of Rani and Blade chatting in the woods is perhaps more serene and relaxing than anything else in the actual game. elden ringBut it makes a nice change of pace to see some characters from this particularly dark universe having a nice day in the sunlight. The duo is also accompanied by some cute wolf pups, with one napping in Rani’s lap while another two snuggle with her werewolf companion.

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Wong’s attention to detail is astounding, with Blaidd’s massive sword and intricate, multi-layered armor looking like a perfect recreation of the powerful gear he carries in the game. Meanwhile, the blue-skinned, four-armed Rani doll is dressed in her iconic white outfit, with a witch’s hat so large that its tip makes Rani a good two feet longer and the hem drapes off her shoulders and often hides her completely. Face. The couple sit and chat in the dim sunlight above the ruins of ancient statues. Overall, the offered fantasy represents a more engaging and lighthearted experience of life in the lands between the game itself.

Elden Ring players love to make fan art

Since its release in February, elden ring It has quickly become one of the most popular and influential video games in recent years. Unsurprisingly, the game’s vast knowledge and huge cast of characters inspired fans all over the world to praise From Software’s masterpiece with their own creations. Other notable figures in fan creation include the picture-perfect Malenia, the Blade of Miquella cosplay and the gorgeous churches of Marica’s art. Without a doubt, the huge world is breathtaking elden ring It will continue to inspire players for years to come.

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Whether or not downloadable content (DLC) will eventually make this world bigger has been a controversial topic lately. Bandai Namco was hacked in July, and shortly thereafter, the publisher’s entire list of upcoming releases was leaked to the press. The leak included DLC for elden ring He claimed that it was scheduled to take place in the third quarter of 2023. However, many were quick to question the legitimacy of the information, and Bandai Namco described the leak as a hoax. At the time of publication, it remains unclear whether the leak was legitimate.

elden ring Available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, Steam Deck, and PC.

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