The 8 best indie games on GeForce right now

Streaming video games pushes the medium forward. Although there are still a lot of kinks to discover, it was a viable way to enjoy cross-platform gaming for people with a good internet connection.

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GeForce Now constantly adds new games to its roster every Thursday. If you use the service, you probably don’t have to worry about finding something to play with, no matter your taste. It even has some of the most popular indie games as part of its list, and here is a list of the best.

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8 PowerWash Emulator

This year’s Singles Ball winner has to be PowerWash Simulator. In theory, cleaning up dirty buildings, cars, and environments doesn’t sound fun at all. It turns out that people have fallen in love with her for her simple, satisfying gameplay and seeing dirt wash away by pressurized water. Turning a sickening truck into a pure car is very easy.

Cleaning isn’t a game for everyone, but for some, it’s a great way to de-stress. For people who just want to relax and clean things up, this can be the feeling you need after a long and stressful week. Even better, it has collaboration, so bring some friends and equipment for a therapeutic experience.

7 Project Zomboid

Either survive alone or with friends in Project Zomboid, a survival RPG with a top-down view. The game features extensive customization in a vast open world. It offers the classic zombie experience, so it doesn’t work or have special abilities like most games in this genre. It feels like you’d go into one of the George A. Romero movies, except with a little more farming, crafting, and sandboxing crap.

The zombie survival genre is a bit crowded, but Project Zomboid’s style makes it stand out among games like DayZ, with the content it supports. Constant updates bring new features and refinement, so you always have a reason to come back to see what’s new.

6 Cuphead

Cuphead is one of the most stylish, challenging and unique indie games in recent years. It is a side scrolling and action game focused on bosses. There are other levels to give some variety to the tight gameplay, but it’s all about the bosses, the 1930s cartoon aesthetic, and sweet jazz.

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It’s the perfect time to jump into Cuphead and Mugman’s shoes as they embark on a new adventure in their long-awaited DLC, The Delicious Last Course. So what are you waiting for? You, and perhaps your friend, will have to pay off your debts to the devil.

5 Reemworld

For simulation lovers, RimWorld is a science fiction colony, with an advanced system for NPC behavior, climate, and more. If you love chaos, management, and deep mechanics that will take time to digest, then this method is for you.

Referred to as “Story Generators”, you can choose a specific storyteller for your world, which will determine the random events that happen within the game. Randy Random brings chaos, while Phoebe Chillax will make the lives of your citizens cooler.

4 Manateer

If you’ve ever wondered what it must be like to be a Jaws shark, Maneater gives you a close enough shot – if not higher – as long as you don’t mind a few poetic liberties. The shaRkPG open world action game allows you to roam around people, collect items, cause greater destruction and get new powers.

Step into the fins of a majestic shark having trouble with smugglers and illegal fishing. Show them who’s at the top of the food chain as you wreak a comical carnage.

3 Sevo

Sifu is the perfect game for you if you want to play Oldboy style. Brave where you are on the path of revenge, Sifu almost mixes the mechanics of hit and punishment.

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The elements that combine to make it special are the visuals and gameplay. Visually, it has an amazing art style with an excellent outfit set that makes every level and every part of those levels unforgettable. The combat is tight and poignant, making you feel the punches you are sending and receiving.

2 Overcooked! 2

Risk of ripping your ties with Overcooked! 2. It might sound cute for little animal chefs and onion king, but in reality, it’s stressful and will have you yelling at your teammates for the tiniest things.

Speed ​​is required to get food to people, but maps are also a challenge. All sorts of silliness gets thrown your way, from cutting the kitchen in half – forcing you to throw food and ingredients across the map for your partners, to moving platforms requiring you to time your movement.

1 Stardu Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the greatest success stories in indie games. A man created one of the hottest indies as a love letter to Harvest Moon. You can farm, find love, build a life, and much more.

A bountiful harvest of content has been added over the years. New biomes, tools, and more are included to expand the experience. With all these updates, you can now start at the beach, renovate your house, and even go on dungeon crawl missions.

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