The best games of 2022 so far according to critics

It can be said that 2021 was a quiet year for the players. The delays were understandably littered with as developers felt the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, there were high hopes at the beginning of 2022 that the new year would bring a series of big releases, and it looks like it will. Highly anticipated games like God of War: Ragnarok It’s due out at the end of the year, but the first half of 2022 has already seen a host of high-quality titles hit the shelves.

Big first-party titles like Pokemon Legends: Arceus And the Gran Turismo 7 It really spoiled the players, and there were also high-quality indie games like Jacket And the Sevo to have fun. And according to critics, the top five games of 2022 so far contain the big names as well as a few surprises. Ratings are determined by average review scores from the Metacritic and Internet Games database. Here are the games that make up this list.

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Rogue Legacy 2:89/100

Rogue Legacy 2 It is a sequel to 2013 rogue legacy. Developed by Indie studio Cellar Door Games, released on April 28 for Xbox One and Series X | S, plus PC. The game is a roguelike platformer with powerful Metroidvania elements. Players must make their way through procedurally generated dungeons to defeat enemies and collect treasures, which can lead to permanent upgrades. Each character has their own characteristics and random genetic traits that affect their playing style, making the game feel fresh.

Critics praise Rogue Legacy 2 for its ability to stand out among the broader competition of roguelikes. They cite its vibrant art style and say that the combat and platform make the gameplay addictive and engaging. Challenge is well balanced with rewards, which encourage players to keep going. For fans of the genre, it is a must.

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Neon White: 89/100

neon white It might not have been high on most gamers’ radars at the start of 2022, but since its launch on the Nintendo Switch and PC on June 16, it’s garnered plenty of praise. It is a first-person shooter and puzzle platformer that focuses on fast running. Players control White, an assassin who must defeat demons and compete with others for a place in heaven. To achieve this goal, players must complete different levels to gain experience, which can then be used to unlock shortcuts and items, allowing players to run more quickly.

Critics praised the game’s story and surprisingly strong characters, as well as its unique art style. However, it was the excitement of the game that really made it stand out. Critics feel that it takes away the feeling of excitement, building up adrenaline as players battle tooth and nail to improve their times. They praise the overwhelming sense of satisfaction that engulfs competitors in a split second.

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Norco: 90/100

Norco It is a point-and-click adventure game that was released on PC on March 24th. It is set in the town of Norco, a suburb of New Orleans, to which the heroine, Kay, returns after the death of her mother. The city is bleak and edgy but compelling. The game mode and narration have been compared by critics to the highly rated game’s performance Disco Elysium.

NorcoThe story has been praised for its captivating twists and turns. The themes and unfolding plot lines are further emphasized by the world, which feels real and paints a powerful picture of its inhabitants. The game’s pixelated art style has been praised for its grit, with critics praising the way its grotesque edges emphasize the game’s bleak setting.

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Western Forbidden Horizon: 90/100

Forbidden horizon west It is the expected sequel for 2017. Horizon Zero Dawn. Players are once again in control of Aloy as she challenges humans and machines to save the world. The game’s gorgeous open world depicts a post-apocalyptic version of the United States, with landmarks such as Las Vegas making some stunning appearances.

forbidden west It hasn’t quite reached the same level of critical reception as Zero Down, with many suggesting that it is simply more of the same. However, there is still a lot for fans to like. For example, its stunning graphics are definitely a step forward from its prequel, and the new machines are stunningly intimidating and awe-inspiring. The game’s side content was also praised for the way it was integrated into the main story, which was also well received.

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Elden ring: 96.5 / 100

elden ring It was voted the most anticipated game at The Game Awards in 2021. When it launched on February 25, it certainly didn’t disappoint critics. classic brought Evil spiritsThe gameplay is open world and has become one of the highest rated games of all time.

Rewarding exploration and no-hands have revolutionized the way open world games are played. Its focus on giving the player complete control is refreshing in the genre that can often feel overwhelming. With challenging but fair gameplay, players are fully immersed in overcoming the numerous challenges that they encounter on their way. These challenges are embodied in the game’s epic and satisfying boss fights. The world is full of surprises and looks great too. Exploring it is fun and the excitement only increases when the sheer size of the map is slowly revealed. No matter what 2022 has in store for you, elden ring It is sure to remain a strong contender for the Game of the Year.

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