The best horror games on PlayStation 5 ranked

PlayStation 5 is finally starting to make headway after its launch back in 2020, with more gamers getting their hands on dodgy hardware and developers turning their eyes to the future. Fortunately, those who are jumping on the PS5 bandwagon have plenty to play even if there isn’t an abundance of next-gen console-exclusive titles. There is so much to see and enjoy, from Triple-A shows to Indie smash games, those who own a PS5 can find some great titles both digitally and physically.

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This is especially true of the horror genre, which hosts a wide variety of games that promise to thrill and intimidate players. But with so many horror titles on the horizon, and the glut already released, it can be hard to choose a horror adventure to play through. To help, here’s a look at some of the best horror games available right now on PS5, ranked.


10 sunken city

Those who enjoy H.P. Lovecraft’s work should gravitate towards The Sinking City. This PS5 playable title is a third-person action and exploration game that takes place in a flooded cityscape and players will have to navigate by boat. It’s a bench edge style story with unique twists and turns that players can solve as they progress through different areas and collect clues. One part detective’s dream and multiple parts horror, The Sinking City offers plenty of stunning visuals, dialogues, and profiles for gamers hungry for stories.

9 Ghost Wire: Tokyo

Japan is a playground for horror lovers thanks to their spiritual bonds and legends full of tradition. Those who enjoy stories about Yokai and the folk tales that accompany them should definitely look into Ghostwire: Tokyo. This supernatural open world action shooter game is filled with all kinds of ghosts and ghouls heavily inspired by traditional Japanese folklore and horror stories.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is not only a beautiful release, but it features some interesting and interesting gameplay mechanics, which should help prevent players from feeling too terrified when they come face to face with the many monsters that roam the streets of the sprawling city.

8 Dying Light 2 Stay Human

The original Dying Light was a refreshing horror-based release that took the fun free-running mechanics from titles like Mirror’s Edge and mixed it with the Melee-and-Ranged first-person action found in games like Dead Island. The end result is an open world game in which players jump across rooftops and race to zombie-infested locations to infiltrate and make their way through hordes of zombies to rescue allies and complete missions.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s story is engaging and there are plenty of side content for players to find their way.

7 back 4 blood

There are many players out there who would love to jump back into Left 4 Dead (and Left 4 Dead 2) with friends, speeding their way through zombie-infested locations on a mission to survive the chaos, even though the game was released over 10 years ago. Turtle Rock Studios has spent a lot of time bringing additional DLC and episodes to its content-hungry fan base, long after Left 4 Dead’s initial run.

Now they’re back at it with a new game for a new era. Back 4 Blood is its own entity but still offers the same chaotic, crazy zombie gameplay that the original series offered, with additional gameplay elements such as character classes and abilities.

6 Monitor: System Redux

Those who yearn for something Cyberpunk, with its fantasy-filled sci-fi horror, can download Observer: System Redux. This version, from developer Bloober Team (known for its horror adventure, Layers of Fear) is sure to get your heart pumping thanks to environments filled with beautiful technology and dystopian spooky visuals. Players will use their editorial acumen and puzzle-solving skills to make their way through a bleak game world filled with horrors.

5 Chernobyl

Sometimes horror is more real than anything rooted in deep imagination. Enter Chernobylite, a survival and horror game where players need to use their stealth and first-person combat skills to keep themselves and their comrades alive. Similar in style and design to games like Fallout, Chernobylite is a nightmare, where players have to monitor their mental health in the game and maintain their health to avoid the many dangers lurking in the devastated countryside.

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4 Alan Wake Remastered

Those who have grown up reading Stephen King and other prolific horror novelists will find themselves right at home in the world of Alan Wake. A third-person action version, the game is similar in design to titles like Resident Evil but has the main playable character defeating his enemies with cunning, weapons, and a trusty flashlight. To prove that some of the most ferocious beasts live within the human psyche, Alan Wake is a journey based on an absolutely stellar story and many players consider the Remaster to be one of the best “updates” given to an older version.

3 Metro Exit: The Complete Edition

Similar to Chernobylite in its theme, Metro Exodus is a more interactive and functional version by comparison. Players will need to use their skills and a variety of weapons to make their way through hordes of surviving humans and vicious mutant monsters. The landscapes of Metro are dangerous and full of horror, and players will really need to use strategy at times to help them escape from every radioactive area while keeping their lives intact.

2 Resident Evil Village

There were some fans who were pretty disappointed with the direction Resident Evil was heading with the fifth and sixth major releases. Perhaps this is what made the developers work so hard on Resident Evil 7, which is considered by many to be one of the best titles in the franchise. Turning to a first-person perspective, Resident Evil 7 was deep, thrilling, and very frightening at times.

Its sequel, Resident Evil Village, hoped to continue the fears by providing players with an array of classic monsters in the form of werewolves, vampires, haunted dolls, and other movie-style monsters. The end result felt a lot more action-packed than its predecessor, but the character design was absolutely stellar, with many players immediately signing on for the team of enemies, as well as protagonist Ethan Winters.

1 The last of us, part one

Considered by some to be one of the best survival horror games ever, PS5 hosts an updated version of Joel and Ellie’s original adventure through a post-apocalyptic world. The end result is one of the best games ever created with updated visuals that help draw players deeper into its beautifully designed narrative. Those who are pained to play something really engaging from a story and gameplay point of view, as well as something that can be downright horrifying, need to download The Last of Us Part 1 as soon as possible.

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