The best open world games on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is on the cusp of becoming the gaming giant’s best-selling console of all time. Sales of the five-year-old hybrid system are still going strong, with new players venturing into its captivating attraction every day. Especially if the Switch is your first new gaming system for a hot second (hello!), it can be hard to dig through the wealth of games available to the system. And it can be even more difficult to understand the expanding world of open-world games.

Open World means you can roam anywhere and whenever you want. Want to shoot him from the opening plateau to the last boss in just your underwear? Go for it! For many players, this freedom can be incredibly intimidating. Just remember that this also means that there is nothing for you should To do – this is your own relaxation time, after all! And the disruption tends to be that open-world games are often vast, with long playing time commitments. But that just means you get some bang for your buck, right? If you are interested in the open world capabilities of your switch but don’t know where to start, here is a handy list.

Best of all: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Fortunately, the Switch is blessed with – I’ll just say it – the greatest open-world game to date. And I embed elden ring In it (which is not on the Switch by the way). Breath of the wild It was my first open game, and it’s a nice opener for the genre. The opening of the game is well paced, giving you enough time to get your bearings before letting you lose completely in Hyrule. That doesn’t mean it’s not rewarding for seasoned players either. And don’t worry if you haven’t played a game Zelda game before, either. Breath of the wild It’s still best known as a Zelda game… but it changes the action series formula down to its core. We welcome everyone here.

There is dizziness to explore Breath of the wild Which I haven’t found yet in another game. The map is big enough that there is always a feeling of “Ooooo, what’s over there?!,” But it is not important to lose hope of ending the game (Elden Ring cough). exploration in Breath of the wild It can also be quite relaxing, as long as you avoid stressful guardians always. I have a friend who was riding his horse in it Breath of the wild Before going to bed to calm himself. It is a multiplayer game. It really is the best.

Best thing to do in the day: A short walk

Remember when I said that open-world games are notorious for being tall? we will, short walk It is proof that they did not! For only $8 at full price (often on sale), this gorgeous standalone gem will run you six hours, on top, if you do everything at all. Many friends recommended this game during the height of the epidemic. It’s the kind of game that acts as a calming outlet, when the real world can be stressful and frustrating.

short walk It is a calm and relaxing game with a lot of heart. You are simply wandering around Mt. You can talk to other hikers/camps, go fishing, collect seashells, or any number of exhilarating quests. The Verge correctly describes it as a mix between animal crossing And Breath of the wild. If the enormity and length of open world games scare you, start here. You can finish it in a session, if you want.

Best JRPG: Xenoblade Chronicles (1 and 2)

Image via Nintendo

With Xenoblade Chronicles 3 This summer is coming, time to catch up Xenoblade Chronicles And Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Although I haven’t played it yet (but I will, I swear!), there seems to be a general consensus on that. Xenoblade Chronicles It is more of a real open world than its sequel. although Xenoblade 2 . RecordingThe game worlds are smaller, and both games will make you “do whatever you want as you tackle the main task” in an open world.

These are the games to go to if you want to experience an open world in JRPG style. Both games are highly rated on Metacritic: Xenoblade Chronicles He has 89 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 He has 83. I recommend starting at the beginning of the series, just because I am a light complete person and this is my own plan.

Best Fiction: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This is correct, the witcher Like a Netflix show! although The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Not initially made for the adapter, it is widely considered one of the best ports for the system. Forget for a moment that CD Projekt Red really tried it Cyberpunk 2077 movie (It is not on the switch). Before that… uh… disaster, the developer had an excellent reputation thanks to the praise the witcher a series. Witcher 3in particular, for being the biggest move in the open world genre among Skyrim And Breath of the wild.

If a fantasy RPG tickles your fancy, this is your game. Many would offend the fact that I don’t include it The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in this list. And that’s honestly because I played Skyrim Recently, although it used to be a historical game, it is not anymore The best Open world game. I stress that for this fantasy genre, you should go along with it the magician.

Best sandbox: Minecraft

Screenshot of human and animal Minecraft characters, living in peace and ignoring the presence of Notch.

Maine Craft Disreputable. Maine Craft Many things. Among these many things is, technically, an open world game. You can’t just build whatever you want; You can go wherever you want. Then you can mine it and make more stuff. There are even battles to be fought. It is real freedom. Maine CraftThe infectious mix of the sandbox genre with the open world genre is one of the reasons the game has stayed in the cultural zeitgeist for so long. I mean, what can I say? that it Maine Craft!

Best Partially Open Worlds (Tie): Pokémon Legends Arceus and Super Mario Odyssey

Hisuian Braviary

You can say that too Pokemon Legends Arceus or Super Mario Odyssey It is an open world without adding two asterisks. Both games are sequential, allowing you to roam through large areas that unlock one by one. Both games also allow you to go back to areas you have previously done. I will also argue about that Arceus It is more of an open world than Epic. The latter feels like you’re going through a more spacious version of the traditional Mario level. Arceuson the other hand, gives you the feeling of getting dumped into a new place and going, “Hmmm, what now? I guess I’m going where!” ArceusFewer areas, but larger.

This may be hot, but I personally recommend it Arceus on Epic. I might be biased too, because I Big person pokemon. But Arceus brought me too, very Close to that feeling of amazement and excitement during exploration that I felt while exploring Breath of the wild. But this time, it was because, around those corners, I was finding new types of Pokemon. I’m not sure I could give a better compliment from a game.

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