The Decidueye Pokemon Unite is emanating from Naruto Serious Emotions

Pokemon Unite brings a new Ninja Style skin to Decidueye and many are noticing a striking resemblance to the Naruto anime series.

Presented by Pokemon Company pokemon unite Back in June 2020 to a campaign that included 150,000 dislikes on the official reveal of the YouTube trailer. At first glance, fans Pokemon Franchises don’t seem too excited about a franchise pokemon unite The game that appeared a league of legends A style that breaks with the classic RPG tradition.

What difference can two years make, like pokemon unite Not only is it one of the biggest games on the market today, but it continues to grow its player base by the month. In less than two years since it was announced, pokemon unite It has reached over 70 million downloads, and that number is sure to increase as the game reaches its second year.

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Produced by Masaaki Hoshino and developed by TiMi Studio Group, the team has worked alongside The Pokemon Company to bring continuous updates to the pokemon unite To give it a new look. With the introduction of new modes and the introduction of popular Pokemon like Espeon, the game is constantly evolving and bringing new life to the popular multiplayer online battle arena game. Announced May 29, Grass/Ghost Pokemon Decidueye has announced another skin for players to get through a special event or purchase with real money. Upon the release of the announcement, many of its players began making comparisons between the beloved Pokemon owl and a particular anime character.

As the hood and handkerchief popped up, players immediately noted how much inspiration the Ninja Style skin had taken. NarutoThe beloved blond-haired boy who aspired to be the next Hokage. Starting with Rowlett, the baseline Pokemon, he blew up a simple blue bandana with a metal plate in the middle. Once it evolves into a Dartrix, it gains a blue robe with red trimmings while keeping the bandana tightly tied to its head. Once she reaches her final evolution, Decidueye, she harnesses a full ninja-like outfit, including a hood to cover her head. Since the introduction of Decidueye in pokemon uniteQuickly becoming a fan favorite, the new skin will be sure to keep her fans happy.

pokemon unite It made headlines earlier this month when it made several statements to both its roster and game updates to change its core. After adding Azumarill, the cute Water/Fairy Pokemon, a new paid subscription was introduced to pokemon unite. While the game itself remains free, players can make a monthly purchase of $8.99 to get various rewards, including daily Aeos gems. Despite the interest in the game becoming highly profitable, its player base developer TiMi Studio Group has ensured that it will still give free-play players an equal chance of staying competitive with daily login rewards and weekly quests.

pokemon unite Now available for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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