The Elden Ring duel breaks all unwritten rules

The competitive Elden Ring duel breaks all current rules of decency in a skirmish that proves as bewildering as it is entertaining.

duel in elden ring I flipped every unwritten rule of PvP upside down throughout its duration, becoming a hilarious jumble of endlessly missed and perpetually missed hits. elden ring PvP has enjoyed a lot of updates lately, with a major rebalancing that addressed the feasibility of various skills, magic, and spells, along with a scaling change that should greatly benefit competitive play in the future.

elden ring PvP, as well as the online components of most FromSoftware titles, is best described as an arena of tools with which players are left to slay each other as they please. However, some players have taken this free-for-all more seriously than the rest, resulting in a practice known as fencing. Duels operate on a simple premise; The community ostensibly agrees to a specific location to function as a physical arena, a self-imposed level cap is applied to make encounters as fair as possible, and etiquette is established naturally over time.

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In a video uploaded to Reddit by u/Alarming-Spend-5405, the invader is seen arriving at his destination, no doubt assuming the ensuing confrontation will happen like many before it. However, within seconds, those expectations were shattered, as the host turned around and immediately tried to stab the invader, who was in the middle of performing a passion. Already unofficial laws elden ring The duel has engulfed, as the combatants are expected to pause for a moment of mutual recognition before engaging.

The invader survives this insolence unharmed, due to the indomitable frames given to the invasion animation, and what lasts is two minutes of unbridled bewilderment. Unhealthy reliance on avoidance elden ring Developed by the host, he fails to succeed despite dozens of attempts and is unable to take advantage of the invader’s jumping attacks, which literally go over their heads. Another unwritten rule is later broken, the host recovers through their flasks, which is not expected during duels.

After connectivity issues cause the host to move at times, and the strange contest finally ends in poetic sarcasm. The only accurate badge of combat is performed by the invader, who deals enough damage in the next critical hit to evaporate the host’s remaining health. Comments indicated that the host was Katie Barry, and some believed that the permanent Barry was just part of an extravagant joke, and a continuation of the trend elden ring Players embodied the characters of memes and celebrities.

elden ring Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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