The Elden Ring is above it all again in the comments of the week for July 1st!

Hey there, it’s been a busy month and many of you have worked hard to share your opinions in the comment sections. We have another user competing for the title of Elden Lord on IGN and several other notable characters over the past few weeks. Here are our favorite comments from the last two weeks of June.

User Reaper_Chris went into an entire press session on Elden Ring enough that many of our employees took notice!

Elden Ring has definitely made a huge impact on Reaper_Chris.

Check out the full conversation with Reaper_Chris and others at comments.

We’ve missed this before but once we found it, we knew we needed to highlight user tenken8, and their thoughtful post in TMNT Shredder’s Revenge review.



Have you played the new TMNT yet? Check out the review and fully chat with others Article – Commodity.

I’m with user DougieJOlivier, a lot of people nowadays are willing to cross out something before giving it a chance.

No risk no reward!

No risk no reward!

Are you excited for Rings of Power? Make your voice heard in comments.

User ProfessorOfGaming and a few others love this season of The Boys, particularly the Herogasm episode.

Who is your favorite character?

Who is your favorite character?

Do you watch the boys? Joined conversation And chat with other fans.

TAGibby4 user and others are excited about Fallout 5 but I think many more experienced players are also concerned about this possibility.

An ogre walks to a nursing home...

An ogre walks to a nursing home…

Are you excited to confirm Fallout 5? Or is it too early to think with Starfield on the way? Share your thoughts with others completely Discussion.

Finally, user hiro-K3 got one last nod once again with a nice pun on the capabilities of a nuclear-powered flight hotel.

<strong>  I can’t wait to pair it up with a good Coca-Cola. </ strong>” src=”″ class=”jsx” -2920405963 progressive-image article-image article-image-full-size jsx-294430442 rounded loading”/></p>
<p class=I can’t wait to pair it with a good Nuka Cola.

Join everyone in the frenzy discussing what might not be the best idea in the Comment section.

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