The Elden Ring Quiz allows you to become a true lord or lady of Scotland

Elden Ring players will soon explore the fantasy lands between, but special competition will allow fans to claim real land in Scotland.

Next elden ring The competition will allow players to become Lady Elden or Elden Lord by claiming land in Scotland. FromSoftware’s open-world role-playing game will bring players to The Lands Between, a vast fantasy world ruled by various demigods. that elden ring FromSoftware’s launch promo that followers recently prepared for its February 25 launch by taking a look at the locations and bosses they’ve never seen.

Likes demon souls and the Evil spirits Trilogy, FromSoftware’s elden ring It is an in-depth ARPG that tasks players with traversing a brutal world and taking on relentless bosses. However, while titles similar to previous developer spirits largely use linear level design, elden ring It gives players the freedom to explore The Lands Between on horseback at their leisure. The backstory of the setting is already developed by A song about snow and fire Author George R.R. Martin, using FromSoftware then used this science to craft the game’s story itself. The developer claims to elden ring The cognitive changes will shock George R.R. Martin, as the deities he created will appear in the game as twisted shadows of their former glory.

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As I mentioned Chronicle video gamesPublisher Bandai-Namco is hosting a contest to transform 100 players into real-life Elden Lords and Ladies. Collaboration with Highland Titles, a nature conservation organization, will award the winners title to the land near Glencoe, Scotland. Ownership of this memorial plot of land comes with an official certificate declaring the winner as Lord or Lady. To participate in the competition, which will take place from February 25 to March 11, players must send an email to and explain why they or someone they know deserve the title of Elden Lady or Lord. Certification will not give players the ability to lead stars, unfortunately, but it will help preserve beautiful Scottish land.

Lands in between in the Elden Ring video game.

Players are eagerly waiting for the launch elden ring Since the 2019 revelations, but spoilers in elden ring The launch announcement threatens to spoil the experience by revealing a lot of new information. The trailer contains never-before-seen encounters and locations, which many feel take away from the experience. Exploring the Penn lands and discovering their secrets was a big part of the excitement leading up to the release, so many players started avoiding official promotional materials even after they’ve played the title for themselves.

elden ring It’s one of the most awaited games of 2022, and FromSoftware fans will finally be able to explore The Lands Between on February 25th. However, 100 particularly lucky fans will be able to claim the Scottish land and become Elden Lords or Ladies themselves. While George R. R. Martin did not write the history of Scotland, the reserved land is as beautiful as anything found in the lands in between.

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elden ring It will be released on February 25 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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