The Elden Ring trick gives players a weapon that looks like Darth Maul’s lightsaber

The combination of the twinblade in the Elden Ring with a useful spell combine to give the player the real Darth Maul experience in the game.

elden ring It is a game with a varied and interesting fighting system. As with other titles from developer FromSoftware, the focus is on giving the player multiple options for how they want to face challenging enemies and the game’s bosses. Whether it’s through simple sword and shield tactics or going to build a complete enchantment, there are plenty of great ways elden ring Players can customize their characters. Since there are many categories as well, this makes it more diverse compared to previous FromSoftware titles.

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A weapon that got a lot of attention from him elden ring The players is a twinblade. At first glance, the double blade looks like two long swords connected to each other by the handle. Whether this weapon was invented by game developers or fantasy author George RR Martin is unknown, but since there were only two in the original Evil spirits Games, many players have found their return to elden ring as welcome.

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The double blade in particular proves to be a great weapon when used with the blood flame blade ability. This gives the double blade a flaming red effect, making it look like the lightsaber that Darth Maul uses in star Wars Franchise business. Reddit user u/Night_Parad0x posted a clip of it using the group, with some interesting effects. Not only does it look super cool to have a Darth Maul lightsaber in it elden ringBut it also appears to be an effective weapon.

While using a lot of stamina, the weapon can quickly cut the health of enemies. While the orange of the Bloodflame Blade continues, elden ring It looks like a powerful player is like someone using a lightsaber in a fantasy environment. else elden ring Players in the Reddit video comments were praising the player for the cool trick, and according to u/Night_Parad0x, they’re looking for another twinblade for dual-wielding weapons.

With the addition of Elden Ring The creator of the most embodied characters as well, it looks like players won’t have to stop when wielding a Darth Maul weapon. Up until now, players have been making all kinds of weird and interesting characters in Elden ring. From the handsome Shrek to the Joker, there are plenty of options to play in both character creation and the weapons the player uses.

elden ring Available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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