The funny video combines Elden Ring and King of the Hill

The player compliments his creativity with a confrontation between Belle in armor and Dale of the King of Hill has some Elden Ring flair.

When it comes to fan creations and artwork, a game like elden ring He proves he doesn’t lack choice when someone does a quick search through social media. Unique character creations, stencil graphics, and pixel art can easily be seen showcasing players’ favorite parts of FromSoftware’s latest titles, whether it’s their first look at Lands Between or the struggles in a duel against Malenia. However, one player’s latest build shows just how much the game’s epic music can add tension to anything, including one of the most combative scenes. king of the hill.

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elden ring It is the latest title from the developer FromSoftware and follows the gameplay like games Evil spirits And the blood borne With its fantasy-inspired setting and challenging gameplay. Players become famous, an exiled warrior who ventures into the fallen lands in hopes of remaking the game’s proud ring after it’s broken and scattered across the land in a bid to become the new Elden Lord. Standing between the players and the title Elden Lord are demigods who use the fragments of the Broken Ring and preside over the areas between the various regions.

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The above video was provided by Reddit user Jacob Chapel, who posted his video creation on the game’s official subreddit for all to see. Chapel pulled a clip from a 2004 episode of king of the hilltitled Ceci N’est Pas Une King of the Hill, where Dale gets a suit of armor and starts making trouble about Arlen before Bill confronts him with a homemade suit of armor. While the fight is somewhat against the climax on its own, Chapel adds both tension and humor through the overlay. elden ringBill’s special bar and music.

Hearing the description, it wouldn’t be surprising for some viewers to wonder how good the combination of elden ring And the king of the hill It already works. It’s understandable, given how different the two are for their entertainment along with Chapel’s acknowledgment that their idea for the video came about simply because king of the hill It runs in the background while playing.

However, Chapel’s video is further proof of how opposites attract and produce surprising results. It’s nothing new in elden ring subreddit, too, where a lot of users can be seen proving their creativity by creating Thanos at elden ring Or submit their technical presentations to the game’s various bosses.

elden ring Currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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