The Game of the Year award for Game Awards could be a bloody battle this year

Normally, it would currently be premature to discuss year-end awards in the gaming industry. This is still true, for the most part. Many games are released in the fall season, and they should be taken into account. Moreover, it has to be before a certain deadline at most award ceremonies, which has negatively affected many games in the past. A lot will be watching specifically Game prizes To find out what GOTY is called there.

But for many players, this decision may already seem defining. elden ringIt’s no secret that FromSoft’s fame won Game of the Year at The Game Awards in 2019 Sekiro: Shadows die twice. If that proves to be the case, FromSoftware will be the first developer to win this award ceremony twice. Two first-party games from Sony have been named among the winners, but one of them is Naughty Dog’s The last of us 2 The other is Santa Monica God of War.

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While it may sound like a closed deal to some, the truth of the matter is that this year could be shaping up to deliver the bloodiest title fight yet. That’s not to say that the Game of the Year winner was ever clear or that there is no competition year after year, but 2022 has a lot of big AAA games with a lot of pedigree in between, and it’s likely to come out.

Game Awards: Elden Ring, God of War: Ragnarok, Starfield, Final Fantasy 16, Hogwarts Legacy

There are two main caveats to this, the first being whether or not these major games will be released. The gaming industry seems to have seen a spike in delays over the past couple of years, but that’s probably why there are so many big competitors this year. The second is that these games can fail. The golden rule in the industry is that anything can be less than hype, no matter the developer. Assuming it comes out this year and assuming these titles are as cool as fans want them to be, it’s going to be a tough battle.

elden ring It is already over, and there is no doubt that the time bodes well. It’s only likely that elden ring He grows more on his fans with this progress. Meanwhile, besides nothing is known about him starfield, but Bethesda titles tend to be key moments in the industry. If it has the same effect as SkyrimThere will likely be enough time between November 11th and the final date of starfield To win Game of the Year award.

God of War: Ragnarok It is another title that could easily be a contender for Game of the Year. As already mentioned, God of War He took home the win in 2018 and the entire franchise (as well as developer Santa Monica) holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. If it delivers the same high notes as the first game, it will probably give elden ring or starfield He runs for his money.

The other two perks are less certain. Final Fantasy 16 It doesn’t have a release date or release window, but the producer commented on that recently Final Fantasy 16It is basically developed. This kind of language makes a 2022 release seem possible, and there are really high hopes. The Final Fantasy The franchise is loved by fans, and if Final Fantasy 16 Lives up to their expectations, it’s also easy to be in the race.

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And then there Hogwarts Legacy. It’s hard to rule out a delay, or at least, this could be an early December match that easily misses the deadline. But, it should Hogwarts Legacy To fulfill the dream Harry Potter RPG that fans have wanted for years, it’s hard not to put it in the hat. In a battle with IP addresses –Elden Ring, Starfield, God of War, Final Fantasy, And Hogwarts Legacy— It doesn’t look like it would be an easy decision. Even if it’s only the first three released this year, that makes it marginally easier.

Game Awards: Dark Horse Nominees

However, if there is anything that also applies to the industry, it is that anything can work. Anything flop, anything flies. Not many would believe it take two He won last year, but he did. There are many Dark Horse candidates to be bred to Game of the Year, based on what history has shown or proven so far.

This is even more speculative than the games mentioned above, but H.Horizon Forbidden West, Pokemon Scarlett and Violet, Forspoken, Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier, Bayonetta 3, Sevo, Rogue Legacy 2any number of AAA games or lesser known indie games, or anything that hasn’t been revealed yet can be directly smashed.

What is clear is this year’s potential. It seems that the battle over six candidates may be difficult, but then choosing one of those may be nearly impossible. If anything, fans can reasonably expect a close race for Game of the Year at The Game Awards.

Game prizes Most likely sometime in December.

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