The most important news from October 31 to November 6

In a news report last week, we called the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 “impossible to ignore,” and it has continued that way this week, given its record sales numbers, complaints by development team members, and future plans have been flooding the headlines throughout the past week. So let’s get busy.

First, it’s safe to say that the game works very well. This is evidenced by its sales numbers, which were not only the highest-ever pre-order and launch-day sales of Call of Duty on the PlayStation Store, but also the highest-selling weekend numbers in franchise history across all platforms, exceeding $800 million for Activision. In its first three days, counting pre-order sales. If that kind of money doesn’t convince you that Call of Duty will stay on PlayStation even if Xbox acquires Activision-Blizzard, you can take it straight from Phil Spencer’s mouth, as he once again reaffirmed his commitment to keeping the franchise available worldwide. Multiple platforms.


Of course, it’s not all good news, and this week the development team faced criticism from a hotel manager who wasn’t too happy with his building appearing in the game, saying the business doesn’t support “games that seem to encourage the use of HNF.” There also appears to be some conflict on the inside, as pressing Sarah Schechner called it a resignation, citing the “increasingly challenging” work dynamic with the game’s sound director. Despite the bumps in the road, fans of the series still have a lot to look forward to as 2023’s multiple ranked game modes, divisions and rewards have been confirmed.

Ragnarok is coming in a strange way

The wait is almost over, and God of War: Ragnarok will be here in a few days. And with the release date approaching, Sony was going all out with its marketing campaign, which was as big on a budget as it was weird. We couldn’t decide which was more amusing—the happy little Kratos song number tucked away in a magical plywood apple orchard, or the Parent-Child Support Group featuring LeBron James, John Travolta, and Warped Armor and Paint—dressed up in Ben Stiller’s clothes.

While game review scores from around the world are still pouring in – by the way we gave it a 10 out of 10, it appears to be one of the best game reviews of the year, with combined scores shy of those received by Elden Ring earlier this year. . Amen …

Elden Ring brings big money to FromSoftware

Capturing the headlines before or after the game’s release is one thing. It’s quite another thing to keep doing that after you’ve been out for more than nine months. Enter the quarterly earnings report! FromSoftware’s parent company, Kadokawa, released its latest report recently, showing an astonishingly large 1100 percent increase in profits and marking Elden Ring as the best-selling AAA game of the year, with more than 16 million units sold since its launch in late February.

Not to rest on its laurels, FromSoftware has plans to move forward with its intellectual property. The next batch is nearing completion, and the company has been calling for more employees to help build its empire since June.

Meanwhile, in virtual reality

Sony has big plans for its next virtual reality device, the PlayStation VR2, due to launch later this month. We got word last week that the units will begin selling at select retailers for pre-order on November 15, with a global release date of February 22 next year. The price point is quite steep, with the base model selling for $549.99, not including the console charging station,

Of course, hardware is worthless without software running on it, and Vice President of Hardware and Peripherals Isabel Tomatis expects more than 20 titles to be available at launch. Fortunately, we already know what a lot more will be in store for us, and Sony has also confirmed us with 11 different launch titles, from The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR to Hello Neighbor: Search & Rescue.

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