Top 10 Complete Artistic Pokemon Cards, Ranked by Artwork

Throughout the history of Pokemon TCG, there have been many talented animators who have used their skills to portray hundreds of Pokemon in the Pokemon series. Full art cards, a type of card where the artwork occupies the entire card, allow these illustrators to make the most of their creativity, giving them more space to work with.

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The use of color, the composition of the pokemon, and the background of the illustration help make a card stand out from the rest, culminating in a new interpretation of the pokemon. While these full art cards might run on the expensive side if you want a particular one, the premium artwork makes them well worth looking for.

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10 Love is in the Air: Latias & Latios-GX (Team #170)

The legendary Dragon, Psychic Pokemon, Latios, and Latias are difficult to separate from each other due to their close association with each other in the mythology of the Hoenn region. Sanosuke Sakuma honors this strong bond, as Latius and Latias are depicted from wing to wing, with the space between them shaped like a heart.

The illustrator chose to depict a tender moment between these two Pokemon staring into each other’s eyes, both with small smiles lighting up their expressions. Including a sunset in the background enhances the card’s delicate ambiance.

9 Forest Spirit: Celebi V (Fusion Strike #245)

This full art card, drawn by Tezero, depicts Grass and Psychic Pokemon Celebi, using their power to welcome the upcoming spring. In the illustration, Celebi flies through the environment, spreading her magic to make the leafless trees sprout green foliage.

What makes this Celebi depiction so magical is Teeziro’s ability to capture the magic of the moment, using a series of twinkling lights to symbolize Celebi’s life-giving abilities, similar to fairy dust. Since Celebi is known as the ‘Sound of the Forest’, it is not surprising that you would imagine that she is rejuvenating the forest after a harsh winter.

8 Friendship Flame: Flareon (Brilliant Stars #TG01)

Pokemon TCG animators have always done a great job of capturing snapshots of the natural life in the Pokemon world, and this card is no exception. This full art card, drawn by You Iribi, illustrates the close relationship between Blue and his partner Flareon, and is one of three cards in which Blue appears with Eeveelution.

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You Iribi’s use of soft colors makes the illustration on this card stand out because it perfectly captures a quiet moment between a Pokémon and a trainer. The happy expression on Blue’s face caressing Flareon’s mane also adds to this card’s allure as it shows that Blue cares a lot about Pokemon, despite their competitive nature.

7 Best Friends: Silvally-GX (Cosmic Eclipse #227)

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Gladion leaves the Aether Foundation along with the Type: Null he stole from the lab, hoping to stop his mother Lusamine and free the Type: Nulls from the Foundation’s control. Gladion eventually manages to develop Type: Null into Silvally, and successfully frees him through the high friendship, which this Pokemon card shows.

Megumi Mizutani chose to show Gladion and Silvally in a quiet moment, sitting on the grass together while Gladion’s head Silvally. The painter captures their close bond perfectly with the happy expressions on their faces.

Hyogonosuke took a different approach when photographing the three mythical birds of the Kantō region, drawing inspiration from the stained glass windows often used to depict important religious figures. Bright colors and a stained glass effect help level up these Pokemon, establishing them as legendary symbols.

You can imagine this card’s artwork displayed in the Pokémon world, a place where people can show their respect for the legendary Pokémon Kanto. The card stands out from other fully artistic cards thanks to the distinctive Hyogonosuke style of these basic birds.

5 Hero and Legends: Rishiram and Zykrom-GX (Cosmic Eclipse #222)

Drawn by Naoki Saito, this card depicts N (Plasma team king and opponent in Pokémon in black and white) standing in front of Rishiram and Zykrum, the legendary fifth generation Pokémon. This card epitomizes the special connection between N, Reshiram, and Zekrom through Naoki Saito’s vibrant artwork.

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This Pokemon card combination makes N the pivotal piece without sacrificing detail for Reshiram and Zekrom. The use of blue and orange, which are complementary colors, helps make the card eye-catching and only serves to enhance the overall effect.

4 Moonlit Night: Umbreon VMAX (Sky Evolution #215)

This Umbreon card, drawn by Keiichiro Ito, features a Dynamax Umbreon wrapped around a spire, reaching its tentacles toward the full moon. The moon shines brightly in the star-scattered blue-green sky, reflecting in the calm waters below.

The card honors Umbreon’s Pokedex class, where he is known as Moonlight Pokemon, with an emphasis on its association with the moon. The card contains a lot of detail, not only on the Embryon itself, but also in the background of a coastal city at night, where the glowing lights of the buildings match the yellow rings of the Embryon.

3 God of All: Arceus V (Brilliant Stars #166)

The deity of the Pokemon world, according to the legends of the Sinnoh region, the legendary Pokemon Arceus is believed to be the creator of all things, as stated in the Pokedex entry in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Kawayoo’s illustration captures this stunning reputation as they choose to show Arceus soaring above the land of Sinnoh with the light shining from his being. He embodies the essence of Arceus, placing him above all living things as he watches over the world he created.

2 Birth of a Legend: Mewtwo-GX (Shining Legends #78)

Drawn by Mitsuhiro Arita, this complete Pokemon art card focuses on the synthetic creativity of the legendary Pokemon Miyoto. Mewtwo is shown trapped within the confines of a glass tube as scientists test his DNA. The treatment of Mewtwo at the hands of the scientists who created it was shocking, as they sought to create powerful Pokemon using Mew’s DNA, regardless of that Pokemon’s feelings.

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Mitsuhiro Arita’s attention to detail in their drawings effectively conveys Mewtwo’s horrific beginnings as she floats in her tube, bent over and surrounded by various pieces of lab equipment. The only sign that Mewtwo is aware of its surroundings is its slightly open eyes – a nice touch that indicates that Mewtwo will soon break free.

1 The Power of Love: Enamorus V (Lost Original #TG18)

Introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Cogita is a mysterious character who seems to know a lot about Hisui’s ancient past, including knowledge of the legendary Pokemon. Drawn by Akira Igawa, this full art card captures Cogita alongside Enamorus, the fourth member of the forces of nature.

The card represents the greatness of this Pokemon, whose dynamic poses and vibrant color palette help convey its legendary status. The use of pale pink flowers in this illustration is also an excellent touch, symbolizing the embodied form of Enamorus, whose love is said to cause “the beginning of a new life through Hisui.”

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