Top 10 Video Games Where Death Actually Matters

Recently released Sevo It is an excellent example of death making a difference in the world of video games and a prime candidate to discuss later. Death mechanic is of course a major component of almost every game that includes combat or dangerous scenarios, but death often makes no sense.

What if death really meant something. What if the death of the character or surrounding NPCs changes the narrative or perhaps makes a difference to the gameplay? This is a new idea and is not often applied to titles, however, these video games have gone so far as to include the concept.

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Honorable Mention – Aisle sidecars

Back in the days of arcade games, deaths really mattered. This usually meant wasting some hard-earned money, with the player dying at the last minute. It’s a frustrating element of older games and one that side-scrolling keeps bringing back now.

Some of the toughest indie games out there, like Cuphead Take this approach to death. If the player dies during his adventure he goes right back to the start. All that hard work gets crushed instantly, but the player gets better every time.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor / Shadow of War (2014/2017)

Orcs in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor And the shadow of war From Monolith Productions, IUGO, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, they introduced the Nemesis system to players. When protagonist Talion dies in battle, the scene changes to reflect the victory of the Orc.

There is a hierarchy among the villains, which sees the Talion murders promoted thanks to their victory. Death also means that personal rivalries have begun, with the player facing his former opponent who outnumbered him in battle. Even orcs can come back to life and remember their horrific deaths with a hateful vengeance.

Sevo (2022)

Sifu 2022 Roadmap - What Updates Will Be Released This Year

Sevo, From Sloclap and Microïds, it has become one of the most prominent recent headlines for major deaths. Every time a player dies in combat, the main character returns, but gets a little bigger. After a long time, they could no longer age and would die completely. This time bomb is always on the player’s mind.

Each encounter seems more important and the mechanism of death, like many shadow of war Built in title listing. It’s a genius use of her and the game’s match visuals as well, with the chosen captain’s changing appearance serving as a reminder of their deaths.

Hades (2018)

Zagreus tries to steal Sharon's gold in the Hades video game

Greek mythology influenced a lot of games, but few used the underworld as part of their narrative. For RPG Hades From Supergiant Games, death is just another path towards a different area of ​​this fantastical mythical landscape.

When Zagreus dies he is welcomed back into the underworld with open arms. The player will have to embark on their mission again, but they can look around this infernal landscape to get upgrades and other items that might help them next time. Sometimes they are a useful addition to the title and are in keeping with the traditions of the ancient Greeks.

State of Decay (2013)

Screenshot of a zombie horde from the video game State of Decay.

Unusually, zombie games don’t use intriguing death mechanics often, considering that the concept of the zombie is embedded in the narrative itself. The state of decay The idea of ​​becoming a zombie is made even more terrifying thanks to the hard work of the developers Undead Labs.

during the state of decay The player tries to create a safe community, recruiting characters into their ranks to defend them as a unit. However, after gaining trust, these NPCs will become playable. This means that trust can be lost as well. Each death will affect morale, lead to the loss of characters, and of course will add to the growing zombie army. This is as real as an apocalypse in a video game can get.

Death Stranding 2019 movie with subtitles

Death Stranding Sam and Fragile

death strand From Kojima Productions, the title contains death. The reason for this is an interesting use of a mechanic that feels integral to the story itself. Players may be left with a lot of questions after the initial title, but the death-based gameplay option will be familiar.

When the player dies death strand, Sam’s soul lifted from his body. Players can control his soul and explore the world, without fears of mere mortals. They can then reunite the spirit and physical form of Sam, to continue their mission.

Fable III (2010)

Myth 3 Art

The myth A series by Lionhead Studios, in this case, best known for pushing the genre forward and adding a host of exciting gameplay concepts. third fairy tale In particular, he introduced the idea that deaths could be carried with the player, as a constant reminder of the dangers they faced.

Every time a player dies in an area, a scar is added to the protagonist. While only one scar can be added at each location and can eventually be removed if the player chooses, it is a unique touch that allows for a physical representation of lost battles.

XCOM 2 (2016)


Tactical turn-based games can be incredibly stressful at the best of times. However, in theory, the army is completely out of service when it is destroyed. This is what players have to face in XCOM A series from Firaxis Games and Feral Interactive, especially in the sequel. These alien enemies are much more threatening than most of them because of this.

Soldiers are easy to get stuck in the player ranks, which is why their deaths feel even more unpleasant. Moreover, the mission can be derailed if any of the team members die. Perhaps they were carrying appropriate weapons or equipment that had been planned in advance, which now meant that the task could not be completed!

Until Dawn (2015)

Wendigos until dawn

until dawn It will see players trying to help their characters survive through the night against a deadly force. Supermassive Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment have created a variety of options for the audience to play through, each of which could lead to the death of one of their characters.

With players controlling multiple characters simultaneously, it is almost impossible for all of them to survive. In this exciting horror title, every decision can end with the death of another character. It’s like a slasher movie come to life, but where the player feels responsible for these gruesome killings!

Heavy Rain (2006)

A man standing in the rain staring at the camera in the pouring rain

Heavy rain Quantic Dream is a stunning cinematic experience where death still really matters. It’s a more story-driven title where once again choices can make such a huge impact, and they might just kill a favorite character.

With a killer on the loose, this puzzle must be solved by the player’s methods. There are plenty of endings to choose from, but some end with the demise of important characters. It is so easy to fall into the trap of current events that these fatalities strike more and remove a character from the narrative.

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