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Amazon’s annual celebration of discounts is fast approaching, but before Prime Day arrives on July 12, the world’s largest online retailer is offering several discounts across all departments, which can be tempting. When it comes to Xbox patrons specifically, some of the best games on the platform are currently on sale via the retailer.

While there are plenty of titles for Game Pass subscribers to dive into, with more excellent options on the way, there are plenty of off-duty games that are well worth players’ time and money. Amazon is offering a number of discounted prices on some of these gems, as well as on games that have only been released in the past few months, enhanced versions of core games, and digital tokens for those who want to keep their shelves clear of boxes.

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human ($39.99; 33% off)

Square Enix almost had a problem with death light 2The game’s overall ambition proved to be a major stumbling block during development. When it was finally released after many delays, what fans got was an amazing and immersive survival experience. Although the zombie threat remains largely real, this sequel focuses more on the human factions and the evils they do to each other in this semi-apocalyptic setting. With the ability to interact with and change the game world and story in general, there is extensive replay potential here, and remains an excellent follow-up to the original that blew up the genre.

Elden Ring ($45.29; 24% off)

FromSoftware seems to have made a habit of putting out games that are both recognizable but groundbreaking in their own right. elden ring It was her latest effort and, by all accounts, she did nothing to change that perception. There is a lot to like about the fantastic and smooth combat and the vast game world to explore. The addition of an RPG system that is much deeper than what players have seen in previous games from the developer has also increased the longevity of the game, as new styles of gameplay and powerful builds come to the fore. In addition, George RR Martin has had some influence on the game, so this is something to hold on to while everyone waits for the next A song about snow and fire the book.

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Guardians of the Galaxy ($29.99; 50% off)

When marvel avengers Released back in 2020, it was undoubtedly a disappointment to the fan base that had been anticipating the emergence of the flagship superhero series on consoles. That’s why it was released later than Guardians of the Galaxy It proved to be a welcome surprise. Dominating the always entertaining Star-Lord, the game offers frantic third-person combat, engaging dialogue, and great graphics. Again, there are some drivers of multiple gameplay, with player decisions affecting how the story goes. Plus, it features a soundtrack that rivals the movies.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands ($44.99 Standard Edition; 25% off / Next Level Edition $54.99; 21% off / Chaotic Great Edition $69.99; 22% off)

Although this may not be the most realistic representation of the game Dungeons & Dragons It is without a doubt one of the most interesting things. Basically, the player joins with Tiny Tina, a crazy explosive expert from Borderlands The series, where you guide a group through a tabletop nightmare of strange creatures and strange encounters. The 2K world built here is beautiful and unique, retaining its well-known art style and adding a number of customization options, exciting weapons and spells to create a very enjoyable combat experience. Brilliantly, co-op multiplayer takes action during the game to new heights. This guy doesn’t seem to think of any price point.

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Forza Horizon 5 ($31.99; 47% off)

The game that has become the console’s premium driving simulator has delivered the goods once again in its latest edition. Taking many cues from the highly successful fourth game in the series, players head from the lush green landscapes of the UK to the most diverse and dazzling landscapes of Mexico. The game features an extensive story campaign, hundreds of cars, and the ability to customize them all with currency earned in the game. A lot of the dynamic weather system has also been done, which looks great and can add great challenges to racing when it’s active. The multiplayer scene is thriving here for the most competitive players.

The five games mentioned above aren’t the only ones available at a discount, as much of the console’s catalog has been reduced in some form to Prime Day. While there are plenty of deals with Xbox’s flagship Game Pass, many of the titles for sale aren’t currently listed as part of the service. They can prove to be tempting options for those who have worked their way through the best that a regular subscription has to offer.

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